DonataMeirelles Visits Milan’s MiuMiu

Because of the creativity and imagination of Miuccia Prada, she has decided to start her own luxurious fashion brand known as MiuMiu back in 1993. Prada was able to create the brand by combining her unconventional and independent spirit in order to build a solid expression of refined femininity and to express how women have different personalities when it comes to clothes particularly in our modern society. DonataMeirelles was able to visit the store of MiuMiu and was able to select the best accessories and clothes of their latest winter collection. The winter collection of MiuMiu was composed and inspired by the style of aristocratic women. The style director of Vogue Brazil was able to witness the beauty and the portrayal of the creativity of Miuccia Prada. Visit her facebook account to learn more about her platforms.

During the program, DonataMeirelles saw how the brand MiuMiu exudes and emits the perfect quintessence of how a woman should be and how she should dress up according to her personality. The strength of the brand shows the true and iridescent spirit of a woman as well as its most seductive and rebellious side in modern femininity. As the brand continues to rise and to grow in scale and in size, MiuMiu has been providing women the clothes and accessories that fit the past few seasons and its headquarters in Milan have been developing, too. The video that was posted in the blog where DonataMeirelles visited MiuMiu was directed by Camila Guerreiro, hair and makeup by CrisBiato, coordinated by Alline Cury, production of Mai Dornelles, and post-production of Carol Lopes.

There is no question that Miuccia Prada has a very complex mind when it comes to designing. She has a lot of creativity and ideas to express in every style and object. MiuMiu has been producing its own fabric and theme that reinvents how a modern and contemporary woman should look, and according to Miuccia Prada, each and every style that she designed for MiuMiu is absolutely different from the creativity that is of the brand Prada. When it comes to MiuMiu, it is more immediate and more instinctive while Prada is a much more sophisticated brand. Her designs at MiuMiu was spontaneous and that what makes it beautiful on its own. The style director is also amazed about the difference between the two brands and she deeply understood their true meaning. Visit: