How EOS Reinvented Chap Stick

For years, the lip balm market had it’s winners and few dared jump into the game, until EOS decided to throw their hat in the race, and become a winner. Lip balm was often more of a medical ingredient, usually located in the pharmaceutical section of a store, and the packaging often had words like “active ingredient”. It was boring, even with fun flavor options like cherry and mint, but 7 years ago that changed.

Little orbs in fun colors began showing up at stores everywhere. They took over major impulse buy sections at major retailers like Ulta, Walmart,  Target and racked ( Magazines like Allure and Cosmo began discussing these little orbs and had nothing but positive things to say. People loved the fun colors, new shape, and most of all the amazing flavors that include honeydew and grapefruit.

Suddenly EOS lip balm products were found all over beauty and fashion magazines, they were even seen being used by the rich and famous. EOS has been tightlipped about their marketing strategy and how they were able to take over the chap stick market so quickly and effectively, but now they have decided to let everyone in on how they made such a strategic marketing move.

They began as a $250 million company that has skyrocketed to the second best-selling lip balm company in the United States, only out paced by Burt’s Bees. As a very small start-up company they put all their attention on creating the product and distributing it, leaving little free money for marketing. Their first point in creating EOS was to rethink the typical tube. The colorful orb shape manages to engage all five senses. It has soft round packaging that is comfortable to hold, bright colors to engage they eyes, delightful smells that everyone enjoys, wonderful taste when the tongue meets the lips, and the satisfying clicking sound it makes when it is closed.

EOS is a prime example of a company that had a great vision and was able to jump into a market that wasn’t looking for new competitors. They aimed their product at just women and did something a little different and were able to outsell the majority of their competitors. For more detailed information on the company and their selling strategy, check out this article at FastCompany.

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