Doe Deere Speaks Out on Lime Crime’s Success

Cosmetic empire goddess, Doe Deere, was recently highlighted in an article by Inspirey blog. In the article she did a question and answer about Lime Crime’s history as well as her path to success and how she worked to make her company a success. The article was very interesting and I found Doe Deere totally down to Earth as she freely shared information and made her case for why it is important to follow your dreams.


Doe Deere founded Lime Crime in 2008 and the company started out small, but then skyrocketed to success. Her company is an excellent example of how hard work and drive can launch a startup into a global company if the owner has true passion for their work. Lime Crime actually started out as a fashion company. Doe Deere has designed and created her very own clothing line. She has been doing this since she was a young girl. She vividly remembers creating clothing and styling makeup for she and her young friends when she was very young to play a game.


She also has always designed her own cosmetics since she was small. At the time she initially registered the domain name for Lime Crime she was enrolled in a fashion institute with the goal of designing her own line of clothing and eventually opening a store. Doe Deere says that she came up with Lime Crime because she has always been passionate about fairy tales and cosmetics. She loved the way Lime Crime rolled off of her tongue and chose it because in fairy tales she read as a child she enjoyed the way that words seemed to rhyme for seemingly no reason at all. Learn more:


When Lime Crime was founded in 2008 it was a simple, small store that she hosted on eBay. She received a variety of referrals that helped her business grow. She began to receive orders after only one year. In just a few years the company was incredibly profitable and soon it saw the need to expand and develop an employee base. The company soon kept expanding to become a global entity. At that point, she developed a new website.


Lime Crime initially offered a small collection of eyeshadows, lipsticks, highlighters and a few cosmetics. Doe Deere grew the line gradually, always utilizing creative methods to her products. Today, the company offers everything from bronzers, to hair colors, while still maintaining its large line of signature lipsticks that have become the most popular Lime Crime product. The lipsticks range from everything from bright red to dark purples.


Doe Deere also grew Lime Crime by doing a series of video tutorials and posting them online. The videos featured Doe Deere sharing her tips on expertly crafting your cosmetics and your overall look. She was featured with her trademark bright hair and bold, bright colors that she is still known for to this day. The videos were wildly successful and attracted a great deal of new customers to purchase Lime Crime products.


Doe Deere: A Model for Those Aspiring to Start Their Own Business

Doe Deere is the passionate and successful CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Through the creativity of her product line, she strives to break the boundaries of what cosmetics can achieve. Her colorful, richly pigmented, cruelty-free and vegan lipsticks, eye-shadows, nail polishes and hair dyes strive to prove that cosmetics can be utilized beyond their basic purpose of enhancing beauty and are artistic tools for liberating self-expression. With her motto being, to create makeup for those who express themselves unapologetically, it is not uncommon to encounter unique products like her signature blue Unicorn lipstick and her stunning Peelers lipstick that bridges the gap between metallic and matte colors. Deere puts her heart into the company and monitors all of the product development of Lime Crime in order to keep the passion of her once daydream alive. As a woman who started very with very little and worked hard towards her dream, she also is an avid supporter and mentor for other women-owned businesses and entrepreneurship. Doe Deere is a great model to work towards for those inspired to start a business of their own. Learn more:

First thing to consider is learning how to mix your passions with business ideas intelligently. Most successful businesses are usually those that have been drawn from the creator’s passions, and Doe Deere is well-known for doing so with Lime Crime. Passions can be used as a strong motivator to to kick start your business ideas into reality. However, it is important to note that passions do not always translate perfectly into business ideas, so it is generally a good idea to research market trends to find out if your passion can find a niche in the market. Additionally, can offer some useful advice in turning your passions into a business plan.

Once you have solidified your passions, it is advised that one create a business plan. A professional business plan will allow you to organize your thoughts, ideas, finances and research about the market before you attempt the start of your business. A business plan is also essential when searching for financial assistance. If you have a well-thought out plan, banks and loan issuers are more likely to view your business as worthy investment. Learn more:

Before you begin to execute your business plan, understand and consider the expectations of starting a business. The startup, in most cases, will take lots of time, money and hard work, so it is essential to have perseverance. Creating your own business can be financially rewarding and self-fulfilling after years of determination start to pay off. However, if you are not ready to put in the long hours of work or keep up with the financially tight situations that may ensue, you are not ready to start a business. Although starting a business sounds pretty daunting, it is good to keep in mind the achievements that can come out hard work and passion by looking up to inspirations like Doe Deere.

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