How White Shark Media Are Using Customer Complaints To Improve The Services They Offer.


The world’s leading provider of search engine optimization and online marketing services White Shark Media has been in the business industry for quite some time. During this time it has offered its clients some of the best services in the business market and most of this clients have gone ahead to praise the firm for its exceptional services. There were also few instances for White Shark Media where the facebook clients were not satisfied and came forward with complaints . White Shark Media, on the basis of their client values and good service spirit, took not of the most prevalent complaints and put in place long-term strategies to provide solutions for this problems.

White Shark Media started its plan to address these complaints by addressing their AdWord segment. There had been some complaints from clients the reporting procedures put in place in this feature were not sufficient. Thus, businesses´ owners were not able to review their reports easily. On top of this, they were not able to keep track of the latest news fro the firm. The firm immediately initiated training programs for their clients so that they could understand the working protocol of the platform. Thus tracking the performance of an ad or specific keyword would become easier.

White Shark Media also went ahead to improve their communication systems about the customers complaints raised about them. This firm put in place a monthly status check calls that were complimented with the GoTomeeting services. This service enabled the customer to receive monthly maintenance checks from the firm with the aid of video communication technology. This way the firm was able to guide its clients on how to use their AdWords. A direct call line was also introduced where clients were allowed to directly contact the firm for assistance. Some customers also raised concerns on how they would prefer their old promotion methods which seemed to be more effective than the new optimized options. This AdWords firm.immediately began to develop campaigns with better performance campaigns. White Shark Media started by making sure that aspects that were successful in the new Client’s existing campaign were adopted and made to work even better. They aimed at giving their clients better-performing campaign rather than new campaigns. The firm also placed supervisors with experience in this field to oversee the project and provide insight on its improvements.

Some clients had also expressed their desire to have SEO services incorporated into the firm’s services. White Shark Media took the initiative to protect their clients from malicious SEO vendors and also offer guidance on SEO proposals to their clients. The clients were also helped by the firm’s senior staff to review their SEO agreements. So far White Shark Media has been able to grow and improve by addressing the complaints of its clients.