Status Labs Continues To Expand On Its Amazing Success

As far as online reputation management businesses go, Status Labs has seen a great amount of success. From just 3 years ago, the company has reported an overall increase in profits by over 900 percent. For some perspective, their jump in sales during 2014 was just 29 percent. The company specializes primarily in digital market, but works in public relations as well. The company has business offices in Austin, New York and even Brazil. Most of the company’s clients are politicians, executives and big public figures. Status Labs has worked with over 1500 different clients spanning nearly 3 dozen different countries, including several Fortune 500 firms.


Status Labs has been the feature presentation in many publications, applauding the company’s performance. They have been published in The New York Times, Yahoo, The Observer, the US News and more. The current representative and CEO of the company is Darius Fisher, who is also the co-founder of the company.


Darius Fisher expressed that 2015 was the highest performing year for Status Labs and he is sure this success will continue. This impressive revenue stream the company has managed to build is partly due to the massive amount of new clients it was able to obtain, all impressed with the company’s direction and leadership.


What makes the business so successful is not just Darius Fisher and his leadership, but also every member of the team that is dedicated to using the expertise in generating a positive image through the web and social media. Google, according to Darius Fisher, is much like a newspaper. Unless it receives constant updates from its users, the content on Google will stay the same. The staff at Status Labs takes advantage of this system to build a positive image for its clients.

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What Exactly Is Status Labs?

Status Labs is a highly recognized digital reputation management firm that truly understands the marketing and public relations side of business. They recently made it public that they brought in a new reputation management expert on their new board advisor team. Mike Paul is the man that they are bringing in to their company, and this brand is making it a thousand times easier because of his expert training and years of experience being known as the Reputation Doctor. As a top crisis PR expert, Mike has provided strategic insight and rapid growth that almost guarantees success.

Mike is very proud to be a part of such a company for numerous reasons, but one of them being the fact that Status Labs has maintained their professionalism over the years. He knows that working and providing Status Labs with his experience can help build better marketing strategies and save brands even more. With his strong understanding that this company is always ethical and legitimate on how they work with people, he can recommend Status Labs to any company knowing that they will deliver quality service.

The Reputation Doctor LLC is basically partnering up with Status Labs by bringing ethical and authentic reputation management serviced at prices that are actually affordable. As a leader in crisis management and reputation, Paul has worked with a wide variety of companies and brands in countless ways. With 25+ years in this business doing what he does best, he has become well-known for his fast results and fast paced approach to business in general.

For those who do not know, Status Labs is a marketing company that offers advertising, social media management, online reputation management, and all sorts of crisis management to help brands scolded their biggest issues and avoid future mishaps. The stress involved with online marketing is the fact that there are so many companies who miss out on handling their reputation. It’s vital to keep your brand away from all the drama to avoid future problems. Status Labs is ultimately the best brand in the industry that can provide you with all the right guidance needed.