Agera Energy Becomes a Leading Retail Supplier for Electricity and Gas.

Choosing a reliable energy provider can be daunting. Nevertheless, with a few tips within your reach, you’re bound to find a supplying company that can quickly meet your needs. It’s essential to have a clear understanding of why you should get your electricity via a supplier and not through a local utility. Not only can the switch be cost-effective in various ways, but also reliable.

If you reside in an area that has deregulated its energy, you’ll realize that there’s a stiff competition between companies that supply power. This often drives the price down. Launched in 2014, Agera Energy seeks to guide you in choosing the right energy supplier for your business or home. The company educates and empowers its customers to make viable energy decisions. For the management, it’s all about the therms. To know more about the company click here.

Since energy is the main expense for a typical homeowner and for businesses that have many customers in underserved areas, Agera Energy saw the chance to be unique by serving clients differently. It also understands that to its competition, a client is a ratepayer. Therefore, to this main retail energy supplier, a client is a consumer who needs to be treated right. That’s where the entire difference begins.

Today, Agera Energy serves 1.8 million contracted customers who the management prides itself in calling a fan base. That’s approximately 500,000 new contracted customers who believe in Agera Energy. The customer base is developing faster than the typical retail energy supplier.

Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a company that provides energy and protective services to its customers and was founded in the year 2005. Stream Energy has grown, and it now functions in close to 7 states including New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Georgia. This company is a force to be reckoned with and has been making a lot of energy sales since its founding.

Dallas Patch Feature

Stream Energy was featured on the Dallas Patch for their new addition that is the Stream Care Center. Stream Energy formed the Stream Care Center to provide relief to individuals that needed aid at times of hardships and natural disasters. For instance, when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, many people were left homeless. Stream Care came to their rescue and provided them with food, clothing, and shelter. Stream Care also provided financial aids to the people of Houston affected by the hurricane to help them get back on their feet. Stream Care has been involved in many other philanthropic efforts over the years thus, the recognition on Dallas Patch. The foundation aims at making the world a better place by being of help at any time. Stream Care was featured on Dallas Patch on March 5th, 2018.

Stream Care Philanthropic efforts

Stream energy is involved in a lot of charitable efforts around the globe that aim at eradicating poverty and generally improving the living standards of people. The Stream Care is solely responsible for this as mentioned earlier and they offer emergency assistance to people. Some of the philanthropic efforts that they have been involved with include:

  • Stream Care works with the Habitat for Humanity foundation that strives to provide affordable homes to individuals. These two provide free labor for the building and repairing of homes, and they also offer cheap mortgages for the ones that they build.
  • Back in 2016 when North Texas was hit by a tornado, Stream Care and the Salvation Army joined hands to help the millions of people that were rendered homeless and helpless. The initiative raised enough money to provide food, shelter, and clothing to these people.

Stream Energy Offers a Helping Hand in Hurricane Harvey

It’s always good to see a large company give back to the community in a huge way. Stream Energy did that by offering assistance to workers and customers that fell victim to Hurricane Harvey’s devastations. Their efforts not only helped the people who suffered the storm’s effects, but they placed Stream Energy in a light that some people had never before seen. The company’s compassion helped the community recover from one of the most devastating incidents of our time. Learn more at Weekly Opinion about Stream Energy.

How Stream Energy Provided Relief

Stream energy assisted Harvey victims in more than one way. One way that they assisted was by donating direct cash. They provided a hefty $25,000 contribution to the American Red Cross so that the organization would use it as they saw fit to assist the victims. The company also assisted its customers by giving them grace on their late fees for a certain period. More than 127,000 people had their late fees excused or credited to their accounts. Stream provided this service to any customers who had gotten those late fees between August 29 and September 5 because of the storm’s disruption of their lives. As for the people who work for Stream, the company put together a campaign on one of the crowdfunding sites to college monies to help those people. Furthermore, they promised to match the contributions up to $25,000. Stream has shown it’s true colors during this crisis as an advocate for its customers and its workers. Read more at about Stream Energy.

About Stream Energy

Stream Energy is one of the largest providers of energy and other home services in the state of Texas. It first opened its doors in 2005 and now has offices in several states including New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Illinois. Stream is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and employs between 250 and 500 people. Larry Mondry is the current CEO of Stream Energy and has seen this company experience many achievements like being voted as one of the top 10 service providers in the area. He wants to continue to lead the company on its current path of greatness.

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