Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie: “The Company’s Improvement Measures Are Working”

Despite recent quarterly earnings reports indicating a slight downslide in sales revenue and price per share, Papa John’s International CEO Steve Richie is confident that the company is regaining trust with its customer base. Although the road to recovery will be long and and rough, he admits confidence in the company’s ability to bounce back through measurable objectives for organizational improvement. Opportunities ahead present even more chances to apply measures of transparency. The company is reaping the rewards in the early stages of its initiatives due to Ritchie and team understanding how to address the “inheritance tax” leftover from previous leadership. The focus on first rebranding internally is doing much to relieve the looming challenges, but is a mere stepping stone compared to what lies ahead.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns confirms that employee engagement has allowed the company to rebuild trust faster than anticipated. As leadership becomes more open and proactive about making actual progress, the higher customer sentiment rises. The company is so focused on customer retention, that it recently underwent a complete restructuring of its executive board; creating new vice president positions with concentrations on analytics, user experience, strategy, and brand innovation.

Steve Ritchie is convinced that the restructuring played a central role in keeping the Papa John’s image aligned with its new mission- a set of five key goals necessary to the pizza giant’s future.

As mentioned on Biz Journals, share prices have made several small gains in since plummeting in late summer, 2018. Papa John’s third-quarter missed expectations by several points; with overall revenue down by 16% since earlier quarters, and same store sales down by almost 10%.

Even in the face of decreasing international comparable sales, management continues to handle the situation with care. Steve Ritchie, Mike Nettles, and CFO Joe Smith are taking steps to protect employees and its reputation in the marketplace.

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The Chainsmokers Become The Soundtrack To The Weekend

In 2018, The Chainsmokers have become one of the leading DJ duos in the world with a following of mainstream fans and those who are dedicated to the electronic dance music genre. 2018 has also seen a change in musical direction for The Chainsmokers with a darker sound discovered by Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart to reflect a darker period in their lives. Alex Pall explains much of the darker sound was employed because of the simple fact the album was recorded in the Winter months of the year, but the latest release sees a more fun, upbeat sound employed to reflect the Summer.

“Side Effects” is the latest release from The Chainsmokers and reunites the DJ duo with frequent collaborator, Emily Warren. The contagious tune is a perfect end of Summer anthem and should see The Chainsmokers return to the top of the charts as they continue to create their second album, “Sick Boy.” An EP under the name, “Sick Boy” has already been created with “Side Effects” the fifth single to be released to an eager fanbase.

A popular promo has already been released to accompany “Side Effects” starring Camilla Mendes of “Riverdale” fame. Mendes plays the character of Riley, a hotel worker who is told she must work over the weekend but spends her time in the high-class hotel dancing to the latest sounds of The Chainsmokers.

The release of “Side Effects” is the fifth of the year for The Chainsmokers and comes as the duo are looking to put the finishing touches to their album, “Sick Boy.” “Sick Boy” will follow up the impressive, “Memories… Do Not Open” album which has been awarded gold status in the U.S. and has streamed more than 270 million times on the Spotify service. Anticipation has been building for the release of “Sick Boy”, which will be accompanied by a tour planned to continue from August through November.

Lawrence Bender: Hollywood Legend

Lawrence Bender is Hollywood’s leading actor, producer, and has dominated the entertainment industry for more than two decades. His most famous works include Reservoir Dogs, Django, Good Will Hunting, and Inglourious Basterds; amongst several more.

Lawrence Bender was born in The Bronx, New York City, where he was inspired to follow his grandfather’s footsteps in the Civil Engineering industry. With his mother and father as a college professor and kindergarten teacher respectively, Bender had all the support from his family to pursue any career of his choice. As such, he graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in Civil Engineering. Quickly, he also found an interest in dancing; however, it was short-lived due to an injury.

After the injury, Lawrence Bender took a heavy interest in the entertainment industry, more specifically, movie directing. Throughout his career, Lawrence Bender has consistently proved that he deserves his mark in the Hollywood industry, as he has garnered six Academy Awards and over 25 nominations for a plethora of categories such as Best Film and Picture. In addition to Hollywood, Lawrence Bender is also an environmental and political activist. Today, he is one of the top executives of CleanSource Power, LLC, a company dedicated to providing renewable forms of energy across the world. He is also one of the board members of The Creative Coalition Inc, a nonprofit advocacy group created by numerous actors from the entertainment industry.

One of Lawrence Bender’s most famous movies is Pulp Fiction, which was originally released in 1994. Furthermore, it is highly rated as the all-time drama/thriller movie of the 90s. The movie features several Hollywood legends, including Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, Ving Rhames, Uma Thurman, and Bruce Willis.

Pulp Fiction follows several sets of stories. The movie initially starts with two lovers who decide to rob a restaurant. Then, the scene changes to two hit-men, who have just finished executing a naive young man. Soon, a mafia leader tasks them to retrieve a briefcase. In addition, he orders that they take his wife along with them for the adventure. The trio soon create a close bond and create several classic adventure scenes in television.