The Global CEO Lori Senecal Becomes A Role Model To Other Leaders In The Society

Lori Senecal trusts that taking a stand so that employees can adhere to what is expected of them plays a huge role in pushing for the adoption of new production methods. As a leader, success would not be associated with her name if the people who answer to her don’t perform as expected. Therefore, Lori Senecal always ensures that her subordinates are adequately motivated, and can stand up to challenges that come their way just like she was able to do at KBS.

On a daily basis, Lori Senecal strives to ensure that she aligns her responsibilities based on the priority level. Failing to organise oneself properly in the morning before engaging in any activity can lead to general confusion. Success in life requires one to be organized, and this will enable a leader to foresee any difficulties that may arise in the process. Subordinates can be challenging to work with since they sometimes fail to disclose matters that affect their daily lives especially in the workplace.

According to GCReport, Lori Senecal encourages those who work under her to be as open as possible. Communication should be streamlined to overcome the daily challenges within the workplace. Most importantly, upward communication should be emphasized, and this is what has enabled Lori Senecal to continually identify areas within an organization that are not discharging services as expected. One secret that has helped Lori Senecal to become successful in her endeavours is the ability to implement her ideas correctly.

Giving life to a plan is a very challenging process as that is the time when some of the challenges that had not been anticipated start coming up, and it requires a person to develop unique techniques of solving the problems. The methodology that is used in such as a case will lead to the creativity of a person. In this case, the creativity will significantly help to distinguish a successful manager from the rest, and it provides a person with an upper hand as demand for their services goes higher in other industries. Success requires a considerable amount discipline, and that is precisely what Lori Senecal strives to achieve in her daily undertakings. She recently spoke at 3% conference.

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