Southridge Capital Provides an Insight into the World of Cryptocurrencies

The financial companies have evolved in the past few years, and the latest trend is to take the help of the professional financial advisors to guide the company to success. One of the financial services providers in the US that have been transforming the sector of financial services is Southridge Capital. Stephen Hicks, a leading financial executive, is the founder of Southridge Capital. The primary aim behind starting Southridge Capital has always been to make the entire process of providing financial services seamless and efficient. The company offers customized financial services that are designed to meet the financial goal of their clients.


Southridge Capital is engaged in financial research for many years, and one of the latest financial trends that the company has been eyeing closely is that of cryptocurrencies. The experts at Southridge Capital believes that the hype of cryptocurrencies is definitely real and people who are looking to invest and take advantage of it should do it now before it’s too late. There are many financial experts who are not too sure of where the cryptocurrencies’ market is heading, but Southridge Capital says that cryptocurrencies have been around for a while and it is enough to believe that it is here to stay for long. The good thing about the latest trend of cryptocurrencies is that it is introducing a new trend of acceptance in the financial world. Many investors have been putting in tons of money to invest in the cryptocurrencies market. However, Southridge Capital is also asking the investors to be cautious and ensure that they keep in mind to diversify their investments. Check out



Southridge Capital team keep themselves updated of the latest trends in the financial industry and cryptocurrencies is also one of them. The experts at the company believe that even though many investment experts have termed cryptocurrency as a hoax, it is not so. It has a lot of potentials, and it can grow exponentially if some of the problems with it are solved. The work for that is already on, and once the solutions are found, there will be nothing that can stop cryptocurrencies from taking over the investment market.


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Nexbank: An Exemplary Leader in the Financial Industry

Nexbank is a financial institution that offers banking products and services to individuals, corporates and institutions. The firm serves its customers through three core businesses namely Mortgage Banking, Commercial Banking and Investment Banking. Nexbank was founded in 1922 and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas with John Holt as the company’s current CEO and President. Nexbank is one of the best performing banks, with more than $6 billion in assets.

On 30th June 2017, Nexbank successfully concluded its $20 million common equity capital raise. This increased the debt and equity of the company to $220 million since 2016. The additional capital will support the general cooperate activities of the firm and accelerate the growth of the firm. The continued support from Nexbank’s shareholders is a clear indication that they have faith in the bank’s financial position and business strategy.

In 2015, Nexbank acquired College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey, a bank that specializes in 529 college savings programs. College Savings Bank operates under its name and branding, but as a division of Nexbank. The acquisition enabled Nexbank to serve the wider needs of its clients by helping families save for college through broader channels and more options.

Nexbank is actively involved in community development by offering financial training to Dallas residents. During the 2016-2017 school year, its financial literacy programs impacted 1,600 Dallas County students and it plans to expand the digital learning programs to new classes in the 2017-2018 school year. Nexbank offers free instructor-led and digital learning courses to 12 public schools and the same to senior-level students at Molina High School. Additionally, the bank offers internship opportunities to the senior students and organizes a career day where they tour Nexbank corporate office as well as Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. The students hold a Q&A session with senior Nexbank associates where they get to learn more about the financial industry and the career opportunities available.

Nexbank is certainly on an upward trend. It was named as one of the best U.S community banks of 2016 with $1 to $10 billion dollars in assets, ranking at number 10.