Richard Blair, The Leadership Behind Wealthy Solutions

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, a company that offers services in financial advisory. Since the beginning of his career, Richard Blair has always been driven towards entrepreneurship and starting up his own company and eventually did so. Today, Wealth Solutions is widely successful, servicing a large list of clients. All through his career, Richard Blair has worked with different clients coming from different fields and backgrounds. This has given him the skills he needed to be able to form good connections with his clients, and to help his company retain the current ones. His career in the field of finance spans over twenty five years, which has given him the expertise to be able to be an efficient leader to his company, Wealth Solutions.

Before starting his own company, Richard Blair worked with a number of financial advisory firms. This work experience was what gave him the confidence to be able to start up his own company. When he started Wealth Solutions, he wanted to build a company that would offer some of the most appropriate solutions to its clients, while keeping their best interest in mind. Today, the company works on the principles of being able to always provide their clients with the best services. But it isn’t just the excellent customer service that has made this company what it is today. Richard Blair wanted his company to be able to appeal to a large customer base, and therefore formulated a number of services to help customers with their broad spectrum of needs. Right from advice regarding investments and mutual funds, to retirement and future planning, Wealth Solutions has a service for every field of financial advisory.

The main office of Wealth Solutions is located in Austin where customers can go and get a financial analysis according to their needs. With their broad range of services, Richard Blair has managed to not just land individual households and families, but large companies and businesses as well. Since Richard Blair believes that his company can help safeguard and multiply people’s finances, he didn’t want it to be limited to only one strata of society. While offering their services to the clients, Richard Blair also entrusts his employees to give the clients the knowledge that they would need to better safeguard their assets. Since Richard Blair comes from a family of people who were working in the education sector, he believes that a part of his company should focus on educating the clients as well.

Equities First Holdings: Recommended Source to Funding a Business

All associations rely on specific sources to finance their day to day costs, regardless of whether buying office supplies or dealing with inventories. On the off chance that, you are seeking to get a capital for your business, there are different issues you need to connect with. These days, more than 90 percent of new organizations are self-sustainable but when it comes to matters of developing the business, external financing is needed. The demerit of relying on small savings produced in the business is that it takes long to save enough and even develop the company. Why toil? Equities First is a world leader not only in equity based lending services but also in providing different financial packages.

Majority of moneylenders may not be willing to support your business loans and those who get interested in offering financial support come with a lot of terms and conditions. By the day’s end it will be obvious that diverse loans accompany changing conditions, components and advantages. Yet, one of the items that has been getting hot in the market is the product provided by Equities First Holdings. The company provides startups with non-purpose loans while using their equities as security. Today, you can utilize your stock as a guarantee and get an immediate financing that accompanies settled and low loan fees. For the individuals who are not ready to clear their unpaid debts, they may choose whether to part their stock and keep the money and contact him.

Finances are fundamental for the growth of a small business. Without sufficient start-up capital, you won’t have the ability to pay for your business license, purchase equipment, or contract laborers. In today’s financial period, getting customary loans is noticeably getting harder, and hence the reason stock-based loans are currently getting common on daily basis. Equities First Holdings offers the best source of loan offering you with the financial soothe to begin your business!

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is an Innovator and Leader in Securities-based Lending

Equities First Holdings develops cutting-edge alternative lending solutions for wealthy entrepreneurs, high net worth families, and businesses that require non-purpose capital. The company enjoys a fantastic presence across the globe and focuses on stock-based loans. It maintains offices in Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Bangkok, Sydney, and Perth. Since EFH began its operation in 2012, it has handled nearly 1,000 transactions worth $1.4 billion. Al Christy is the founder and executive chairperson of this stock-based powerhouse.

How do EFH loans benefit borrowers?

Equities First Holdings is the perfect option for people in need of urgent funds but does not qualify for conventional loans. In a financial environment characterized by strict credit requirements, high banking interests, and low lending options, most investors have decided to turn to stock-based loans. EFH has gained the confidence of many borrowers due to its effective communication and client-oriented services. The firm offers a fixed interest rate and boasts an amazing loan to value ratio. Securities-based loan avails a chance for borrowers to gain proceeds of the loan even when the stock value depreciates.

How do stock-based loans differ from margin loans?

The stock-based loans have minimal interests that range from three to four percent while margin loans attract high-interest rates of between 10 and 50 percent. Stock-based loans are somewhat flexible since borrowers can use them for any purpose. Additionally, they have a loan to value rates of 50 to 70 percent, and borrowers can walk away even when the stock value decreases. On the other hand, margin loans have numerous restrictions and borrower can only utilize them for a particular purpose. EFH assists all the borrowers to build their business and attain financial freedom by serving as a financial partner. Once the transaction matures, EFH returns the shares to the borrower. The firm collaborates with several financial entities, international law jurisdictions, and law companies.

About CCMP Capital And The Demise Of Its Former President

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a global private equity firm of high repute. It specializes in growth equity and buyout transactions investments in the Europe and North American regions. The company does not invest in just any other industry. It operates in four targeted industries namely industry, chemicals, healthcare and consumer and retail. CCMP Capital is well known and respected for having the most exceptional management teams and together with its well-connected operating resources, the firm adds a lot of value to companies that partner with it.

The firm started operating independently in 2006. However, its management professionals still manage the private equity portfolio of J.P Morgan Partners. The company scrutinizes the companies it invests in before making the final commitment. It does not invest below $100 million and more than $500 million. On the other hand, it sees to it that the companies it invests in are worth between $250 million and $2 billion.

The firm’s services are widely known for being timely and of the highest quality. Among the products it is widely known and respected for is helping businesses when matters related to growth are concerned, helping in taking public companies private, helping developing businesses achieve their growth goals much easily and providing top notch estate diversification products.

The firm is lucky to work with the world’s most established limited partners in the private equity class. Its investors include private and public pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, foundations and endowments as well as high net worth investors and funds of funds.

When matters related to operational enhancement are concerned, CCMP is very well endowed. It has a team of full-time partners who have a wealth of experience summing up to a combined 30 years of management experience. The firm’s unique approach to operational enhancement serves to position its portfolio companies to make even bigger and better strides. The professionals work hand in hand with every company so as to achieve only the very best results out of the partnership.

In 2015, the firm lost Steve Murray on Linked In its President and Chief Executive Officer. He died aged 52 years and left a legacy that many would wish to leave. Friends and colleague described him as hardworking, passionate and very serious at work. He was a Boston College graduate in Economics who dedicated all his professional career to the growth of not only the business world but the society as a whole.

His professional career according to NY Post started in 1984 at Manufacturer’s Hanover before working for a series of other companies as well. He was also a member of many company boards before his sad demise. When it came to philanthropy, he was an active giver who donated to different organizations bettering the living conditions of the communities around them.