Glen Wakeman: Entrepreneur’s best friend

Glen Wakeman is the founder and current CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. As an experienced business executive, he offers up and coming entrepreneurs advice and insider knowledge through his massive social media presence. With his personal blog, he provides advice on running a company successfully. As he continues to grow his social media presence, he’s been able to provide budding business owners with business tips and practices that he has picked up through his lengthy corporate career.


LaunchPad Holdings LLC was launched as a software provider for budding CEO’s who are working at turning their business ideas into a workable game plan. Glen Wakeman earned two degrees from the University of Scranton and then several years later, earned his Masters of Business Administration from the University of Chicago. Glen Wakeman began his business and financial career with GE Capital and in a 20-year span, became the CEO of GE Money Latin America. While CEO he was responsible for $12 billion in assets and 17,000 employees. He was operating out of nine countries.


Glen Wakeman’s work sent him all over the country, allowing him to live and work in six different countries across Europe, Asia and parts of South America (DailyForexReport). Wakeman was responsible for operations in 30 different regions throughout the world. As his success expanded, he began receiving world recognition in a variety of subjects. During his time at GE Capital, Glen Wakeman launched Nova Four, which gave Wakeman the money and ability to build success. Glen Wakeman has been providing his follower’s advice so that they can avoid the same pitfalls that cost him.


Glen Wakeman loves a new challenge. Wakeman recently began studying and analyzing machine learning as a way to solve business problems. Wakeman believes that this method can produce decision making by improving quality ( Glen Wakeman’s best piece of advice is to stay in touch with everyone you meet both friend and acquaintance, no matter how far apart you become. Thanks to social media, you can always be virtually connected. Wakeman believes that personal contacts are key to a business’ success in the long run.