Yeonmi Park’s Story In Doubt, Celebrity Defector or Truthful Human Right’s Defender?

For those who have been following the news surrounding the astounding story of North Korean defector, Yeonmi Park (also written as Park Yeon-mi) they will be aware that she has become something of a vortex of media interest and controversy. The media interest is easy to understand given her story. After Park’s father was arrested on trumped up smuggling charges and left his family destitute and struggling to survive, the Park patriarch decided that for his own welfare, as well as that of his family’s, he and his family needed to flee the country. Thus, when Park’s father was reunited with her they formulated a plan where Yeonmi and her mother would go on ahead first and her father would follow. They traveled through the border into China with the aid of human traffickers and escaped into South Korea where Ms. Park still resides to this day.
The reason for all the hubbub relates to the integrity of the veracity of Yeonmi’s story, which North Korean released, on officials that have called lies and propaganda from an agent of the Human Rights Plot (whatever that is), you can read more on these allegations here at

However, Yeonmi herself vehemently denies these charges as she explained on the – but what is really the truth? Well to answer this question there are a few things that need to be said, first and foremost, English is not Ms. Park’s first language and thus it is completely understandable that certain aspects of her story feature slight variations as she learned the English language better she used more appropriate words to describe what occurred. Lastly, as relates to accusations that she has not been entirely forth coming, this is entirely true but completely understandable. For instance, when Yeonmi was only thirteen years old she was brutally raped during her defection, it is rather understandable for a individual such as Yeonmi to not wish to divulge such sensitive information to the wider public.