George Soros Renowned Businessman and Philanthropist Based in the United States

One of the most familiar names in the political and business landscape of the United States is George Soros. He is known as a man with liberal views and has supported the marginalized sections of the society for way longer than one can remember. Having made a fortune in the business world, George Soros is blessed with the resources to participate in various philanthropic causes and initiatives. It is due to his will to make a positive difference in the society we live in; he started his charitable organization by the name of Open Society Foundations, which is one of the well-funded charities in the world. Open Society Foundations has collaborations with hundreds of independent charities and organizations across the globe working for noble causes such as women empowerment, rehabilitation of the poor, education, public health, and more.

George Soros has always been on and off the headlines due to his political affiliations and interests as well as his philanthropic initiatives. Recently, he again made it to the headlines when he transferred a massive sum of $18 billion to his non-profit charitable organization, the Open Society Foundations. As per the reports of the Wall Street Journal, the transfer of such colossal sum would place Open Society Foundations in the same bracket as the wealthy non-profit organizations like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations. George Soros believes that the amount of financial resources he has accumulated over the years makes him responsible for bringing the difference the world is looking forward to for a better future.

George Soros has always been supportive of the Democratic Party and its causes, which is one of the reasons why he wholeheartedly supported Hillary Clinton in her Presidential Campaign. Even though George Soros was disappointed at her loss in the Presidential Campaign, George Soros did not give up and continued to fight the reforms and causes he has been working for since long. It includes supporting the justice reforms the United States needs, supporting the refugees and the immigrants, education reforms, immigrant reforms, health care reforms, and more. George Soros has also been speaking about the issues that the marginalized sections of the society faces, especially the LGBTQ community and the victims of the drug abuse. He feels that these people also have the right to better lives and the government must implement measures to rehabilitate them.

George Soros grew up in Hungary but had to move to London during his teenage years due to the Nazi occupation of his homeland. In London, George Soros joined the London School of Economics. He completed his graduation and moved to the United States later on. He dreamt of starting his business from a very long time, and it is what he did after working at a merchant bank for a few years. George Soros began Quantum Fund, which became hugely successful later on, and which marked the beginning of his mega-successful business journey. George Soros feels that the world needs significant social, justice, and economic reforms, which can only be bought by uniting the world population into one ideology and ending discrimination once and for all.