Dr. Mark Holterman: Philanthropic Physician and Surgeon

Mark Holterman is an American physician, researcher, educator and philanthropist who is widely known for his contributions and assistance to an international organization called the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. He is sharing his knowledge in the medical field, as well as his expertise in performing surgery and other medical procedures to save lives. Mark Holterman specializes in pediatric medicine and other therapeutic processes that he mastered from the university that he attended in college. Mark Holterman stated that he would continue to serve the people and provide them the treatment that they needed.


Raised in rural Wisconsin, Mark Holterman’s parents were unsure where they would be sending their son. Then, his parents were told by his teachers of how well he is performing at school, and the teacher advised his parents to send him off to Yale University. He took up an examination to enter the university, and he passed (Vitals). After graduating from high school, he decided to take up a bachelor’s degree in biology, his first step in becoming a doctor. Once he finished his bachelor’s degree, he decided to take up medicine and attended the University of Virginia. He focused on becoming a pediatrician, but after meeting up his love interest, who is passionate about being a surgeon, Mark Holterman was influenced, and he also added surgery to his specialty.


Mark Holterman and his wife soon moved to different cities after they graduated from medical school (https://www.doximity.com/pub/mark-holterman-md). They would either work for the government or private groups and organizations, often serving for the sake of saving the lives of people. For two years, Mark Holterman and his wife lived in Quebec, Canada, working there as research associates. Currently, Mark Holterman is focusing on the advantages of regenerative medicine, hoping that it can help many patients who have undergone surgery. Mark Holterman is working on research which states that regenerative medicine like stem cell therapy can be a potential lifesaver in the future. Mark Holterman wishes that he could master the application of regenerative medicine to his practice as a surgeon. He believes that it is the future of medicine and that he needs to look into it further.