Michael Zomber: The Internationally Recognized Expert in Arms Dealership

Michael Zomber is renowned historian who has a passion of preserving the ancient historical tools. He specializes in collecting guns and swords of the ancient times and holds an experience of over 30 years in guns collection. He does this through the partnership of his associates who share the same passion of preserving history through quite a number of ways that include the collection of the antique arms, care and sale of those arms.

According to his website bio, Michael Zomber was born sometime in the year 1949 in Washington DC in the United States. Initially his parents were from Berlin Germany before they relocated to United States as emigrants. Michael is married to Andrea and they are blessed with two children. During his early childhood life he spent it at Pennsylvania and New Jersey; he attended University of Illinois where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Psychology. He furthered his education and also holds a masters degree in English Literature.

As a historian, Michael Zomber has special interests in the collection of Japanese swords and is recognized internationally for being experienced and knowledgeable in Samurai swords of Japan. Michael has featured in quite a number of shows and television episodes that include the History Channel Tales that featured episodes that include the Guns of the Famous and the Million Dollar Guns among many others. Being an internationally recognized antique arms dealer he has also featured in a lot of talk shows and has shared his expertise in that field.

To preserve the history that he has spent his years in, Michael Zomber has written quite a number of novels that include the Son of Kentucky which focuses on civil wars that occurred in ancient times. Another novel that he has also authored is The Soul of the Samurai that captures an in-depth culture of the Samurai and the swords that were used in war. Zomber is also a storyteller and a writer having produced more than seven screen plays.

Having dealt in situations that capture quite a number of arms dealership and armed conflict, Michael Zomber has partnered with other like minded organizations in order to advocate for peace in armed conflict areas. As a philanthropist he works with organizations that include Amnesty International, UNICEF and the Doctors without Borders that help patients in war torn areas.

Michael Zomber is non-arguably the most renowned antique arms expert going by the fact that he has written quite a number of novels on the same that include Shogun Lemitsu that focuses on Japanese weaponry and the Samurai culture.