Aloha Construction Receives the Torch Award from the BBB

When the Better Business Bureau (BBB) awards a business with the Torch Award, that organization knows they have been doing a tremendous job during the previous year. The Aloha Construction Company in Lake Zurich, Illinois received this honor in 2018. Aloha Construction Company provided outstanding business and community services in terms of operational practices and in terms of their philanthropic work.

The BBB uses a judging process to award companies with this prize. First, they evaluate an organization’s ethical practices. Aloha Construction is considered a modern company that adheres to ethical practices. Their leaders operate on these principles and so do their workers. The BBB also examines how a company unifies their organization. They evaluate a company’s values and see how they are living up to their beliefs and expectations. Aloha is firmly committed to outstanding service in the construction business.

Management is also scrutinized to ensure that they are doing everything to keep their company in good standing with their clients and to the public. They also examine how a company treats their employees and Aloha ensures that their workers are being treated fairly. The last criteria for this award has to do with community involvement and Aloha is doing well in this area.

Aloha is just an all around outstanding company. While the organization focuses on roofing and siding, they also do a great deal of work with helping people in the Lake Zurich area. Kids have received toys that is worth thousands of dollars and some young people have even been able to get life changing surgeries because of the help they received from this organization.

Some children were even selected by this company to use their box seats at select Chicago Bulls games. They also help children with cancer, they help youth teams to get uniforms and they also partner with youth sports organizations. Most of the philanthropic work that Aloha Construction performs is for children and teens. Clearly, Aloha Construction has done an outstanding job in 2017 with helping children within their community and with providing outstanding construction service within the local Lake Zurich area.

Siteline Cabinetry: The Kitchen Solutions Today That Are Worth Every Dollar

One of the bitter pills of owning a home is the fact that one should invest money to maintain it. You need to buy the right furniture, the right bathroom fixtures, the right lighting set-up, right mattresses and type of bed.

You also need to make sure you have the right storage, cabinets and kitchen appliances in your home. Fortunately, there are companies like Siteline Cabinet whose passion for giving people the convenience of picking the right kitchen cabinets is highly unmatched.

The Siteline Cabinetry Expertise

One of the many beliefs of Siteline Cabinetry today is to provide the right storage space in the kitchen for any type or size of family. Siteline believes that a kitchen is one of the most important, if not the most important, areas of one home. It is where family members usually bond. It is where they usually talk about the heated and stirring family issues. It is not a surprise, then, that it’s a company that can create the bond needed for a family to prosper.

To maintain the right personality and feel of a kitchen, Siteline Cabinetry’s experts do their best to offer the most innovative design without losing the need for maximum storage by a family. It is the hope of the company to make sure that the cabinets in the kitchen of the family are just within the right budget and are made of the unique materials that could stand the test of time.

About Siteline Cabinetry

With regards to made-to-order cabinets, Siteline Cabinetry is unmatched in its passion to give what the customer needs in the right price. Whether you need kitchen cabinets in shaker-style, or personalized cabinets that have high-tech options, Siteline’s expert designers have the right blueprint for you.

Siteline is also the latest brand from Corsi Group that got introduced in 2015, and is known to be a home decor company that offers full-access and competitively-priced finished choices and customized kitchen cabinets.

Should you need subtle designs or horizontal orientation cabinetry in your kitchen, the artists in Siteline’s workforce can definitely craft the perfect idea that you have into an actual kitchen reality that you can literally touch. With Siteline Cabinetry, you can guarantee that your kitchen cabinets are crafted to its exact and precise standards because you deserve nothing less than a beautiful and fabulous kitchen.

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