Securus Receives BBB Accolade

While some companies in the telecommunications industry have received negative reviews in the press, one company has continued to have a strong reputation with both regulators and consumers. Securus Technologies, which provides a variety of telecommunications products and services to the law enforcement industry was the recent recipient of a very impressive accolade.


The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, recently provided the company with its top overall rating of A+. The accreditation is based on a variety of factors that help to support the reputation of Securus. In order to have a strong rating with the BBB, the company will have to have the ability to build trust with consumers, work honestly, consistently be straightforward with customers, and be very clear about practices and procedures.


The overall rating process with the BBB is not an easy one, and is something that some companies even choose to avoid in order to prevent a low rating. Securus went through the process and received the very high score based on all of the aforementioned requirements. The company has worked hard in order to improve its relationships with customers and vendors. In order to provide the best level of service possible, the company recently built a 220-slot call center, which is able to handle a very heavy call load.


Securus Technologies is best known for their video visitation platform, which has provided a level of communication between prisoners and family members never seen before. Today, the service, and other products are provided by thousands of facilities across the country, which are ultimately used to support over one million inmates. The company is based in Dallas, but has several regional offices all over the country, which further helps the company to address the needs of their deep base of clients.


Securus Technologies Blasts GTL

There is not a company that can do what Securus Technologies does, so when GTL made comments that were untrue, Securus Technologies fought back, and this is what they did. They published an article that corrected all the false and negative information that GTL put forth since waiting for the legal process might take years.


Since they wanted the public to know exactly what they do, they offered an invitation for them to visit their headquarters. While they are there in Dallas, TX, they will be given a presentation that will allow them to understand the company better. It will give them a chance to see what they are working on at the present time. In the presentation, they will also be given a chance to ask any questions that they might have about the technology that Securus Technologies is using.


This company is adept at what they do in the public safety field. They are the only ones that can do what they do. The government uses them on a regular basis, and they assist them in the civil and criminal sectors so that everyone is safe. The company is contact with 1,200,000 inmates every year. They use techniques like interviews, incident reports and more so that they can make the facilities safer. They want to make the world a safer place for everyone no matter whom they are. With their dedicated staff, they create new ways to do this on a weekly basis. Many companies all over the nation want them to do work for them, and they are known the world over.

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Securus Exceeds Expectations, Scores Accreditation From BBB

The Better Business Bureau only accredits the best companies. They investigate companies that volunteer for the accreditation across and eight-point platform. Securus Technologies, a telecommunications company that services prisons and jails,has recently become accredited by the BBB.


The first of the eight point platform is building trust. The company must demonstrate that they have established and maintained a positive track record in the industry. And Securus has had an A+ rating from the BBB for years.


The second of the a point platform is to advertise honestly. Accredited companies must follow through on what they say. It seems Securus is a company of its word. View the company profile on


The BBB also checks on the company’s penchant for telling the truth. The company must honestly represent the products that it sells. This point of the platform includes an honest disclosure of all materials and services provided.


The fourth point in the platform is transparency which Securus, according to reviews, knocks out of the park. The fifth point in the platform concerns honoring promises both verbal and written. The company must also be responsive in order to address concerns professionally, quickly and in good faith.


The seven point in the platform is a commitment to privacy. This is important because Securus serves a vulnerable population — prisoners and their families. In the last point is simple — integrity.


Securus easily won accreditation from the BBB because of its commitment to customer service. They have invested in the largest customer service center in the industry that houses a 220 Seat Call Ctr. The call-center processes over 2.5 million calls per month but the volume does not dilute performance. Calls are picked up in an average of 11 seconds and 99.9% of concerns are resolved during the first call. And this investment is intended to back up superior telecommunications services.


Securus Technologies Responds To GTL’s Claims

Securus Technologies, the largest and most popular provider of criminal justice technology, is lowering the boom on its competitor Global Tel Link (GTL).


On June 9, Securus Technologies called out GTL for releasing a series of press releases rife with inaccuracies and outright lies. In response to GTL’s alleged wrongdoings, Securus issued a response to clarify the claims made by GTL.


In all, GTL made six claims against Securus. All of the claims involve patents regarding technology. GTL and Securus have engaged in a long-standing feud for the last two years. GTL has been the subject of many instances of alleged fraud and security breaches as found by the Louisiana Public Safety Commission. The findings were so egregious that Securus Technologies began issuing a series of press releases outlining the company’s misdeeds.



Securus CEO Rick Smith responded that his company wasn’t particularly concerned about GTL’s ranting’s. “We will continue to defend ourselves against the attacks.”


Smith went on to say that he would stack his company’s technology up against GTL’s at any time. “Instead of responding to my requests, GTL has kept silent. That is very telling.”


While Smith never confirmed whether or not the press releases from GTL are retaliation for Securus issuing press releases against them, he said he wouldn’t rule it out.


Securus Technologies currently contracts with over 3,000 correctional and law enforcement facilities in the U.S. They offer a full line of security, public information, communication, investigative and self-service tools.


Individuals wanting to know more about the corporation are invited to go to their website at



Securus Technologies Expands Distribution Of Intelligent Devices

Dallas, Texas-based Securus Technologies released a statement it’s distributing 85,000 telecommunication devices to enhance incarcerated individual’s rehabilitation. The devices foster improved communication with visitors, allows prisoners to access education programs, view the law library and take part in religious functions. The so-called “intelligent devices” are tablets, video visitation kiosks, and a proprietary “S-Phone” created by Securus Technologies, a leading supplier of justice technology applications. 

Securus Technologies commitment to inmate rehabilitation is supported by CEO Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, position, “We want to help rehabilitate inmates, to reduce recidivism, to improve the safety in the prison and jails for officers and inmates, to help inmates find jobs, and to make society safer and what we offer with our intelligent devices accomplishes all of these objectives.” The tablets and other devices allow the inmate to feel more connected, beyond their cell walls. They have a voice to be heard and more opportunity is available to them. The interaction between an inmate and their intelligent device has fostered a safer environment between prisoners. Get the mobile app on Google Play or find it on the App Store and contact Securus if you have difficulties connecting the technology and the software.

Access to education and employment opportunities via the inmate communication devices prepares the inmate for a seamless transition into society when they are released. Incarceration is a form of punishment. The intelligent devices are an integral component of an inmate’s rehabilitation.

Smith, expects more than 150,00 intelligent devices for inmate phone calls activated by 2017. Not only benefiting the incarcerated, the program helps family members, friends, corrections officers and law enforcement agencies. “We have made a $600 million investment in our products and services in the last three (3) years and our customers are getting the full benefit of that investment,” Smith remarked.

Serving 3500 law enforcement agencies and correctional institutions, Securus Technologies is focused on communications. Its technology enhances first responders arrival time, consolidates recurring incident management, fortifies public communication, assists investigations, organizes data management and distribution and builds inmate self-reliance.

Securus Technologies focuses on connecting what matters® and is a Better Business Bureau accredited company. More information regarding Securus Technologies array of justice technology solution can be found on their website.