Fortress Investment Group Incorporation by Softbank

Fortress Investment Group underwent tremendous change and transition in 2018. After twenty years in business, last year marked the company’s acquisition by financial conglomerate Softbank Group limited, which is one of the world’s most reputable financial companies. The three-point-three billion purchase has strengthened the development base of Fortress Investment and seen innovation in the fields of real estate and private equity. It has built a case for itself since its inception by being a pool of investment funds to a global financial and investment company. The firm made a good name after its excellent performance at the New York Stock Exchange. Its first Public Offer was published in the year 2007. Another good thing is that the firm has continued to do well within the industry. Softbank, on the other hand, is a company dedicated to financing and guiding the information revolution with large stakes in the telecom Sprint, Alibaba and Uber.

It has a Vision Fund that is backed by companies such as Apple and Qualcomm. The fund serves as an accelerating tool to innovative technologies through funding startups on robotics, artificial intelligence and renewable energy. Some of its projects are large scale such as the establishment of the world’s most massive solar power project in Saudi Arabia. The purchase of Fortress Investment Group by Softbank was one of the initial moves of bringing on board an asset management company into its holdings. Fortress Investment Group still has full control of the operations with Softbank having representation in the Fortress board.

Fortress has built a varied portfolio in the area of real estate and infrastructural projects through its subsidiaries such as Fortress Transportation and New Senior Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group further reckons that 2018 was the best year and that they love every moment of being private under Softbank. The long term plan seems to be Fortress Investment Group, and Softbank Vision bank will work in unison to solidify their latest plans even though they will remain different establishments. Since Fortress Investment was the first hedge fund to go public, this saw it still being the first hedge fund to be excluded from the list in the New York Stock Exchange.

Information About Lincolnshire Management

Press Release New York, in the year 2018 through the advice of the Lincolnshire Management, Inc. made a clear announcement on the sale of the Holley Performance Products. The move that was taken by the company was to affiliate the Sentinel Capital Partners which was working closely with Driven Performance Brands. There are many things such as the terms which were set in the year 1903 which remained to be undisclosed. Holley was founded in the year 1903, and many achievements have recorded ever since it started its operations. It has continued to be one of the largest designer and the manufacturer on matters of the products brands. It has managed to grow in the market of the automotive. There are a lot of the moves that the company has made throughout the line of operation for the last 100 years of its operations. The company has managed to be the cornerstone associated with some of the great brands such as the American car culture. Read the whole story about the Lincolnshire’s exit from Holley Performance Products here

There are many brands that the company has managed to create in the industry. These include MSD, Hooker, and ACCEL. The company aims to add value to the style of marketing and creating the opportunity for investment in different parts. The current CEO of the Lincolnshire Management T.J. Maloney. The dedication of the management of Lincolnshire Management has set a lot on the matters regarding the goals of the company and building the new brand. Read on the investments of the company in this article.

Lincolnshire Management has integrated the best platform that makes them link well with its clients in the market. Tom with collaboration with the Holley has pushed for the matters of technology in the form to enable the process of the company to be at the right scene in the market. Many substantive issues have been set in place to make the company be at the top niche in the industry. The ability of the management in understanding the face of the market has helped the organization grow with a particular trajectory and made the company realize its goals within the right timeframe. The achievement of Lincolnshire Management has been attributed to quality leadership.

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Things You Didn’t Know About Erick Lefkofksy

If you are new to the world of business, then you may not have heard of Eric Lefkofsky. This celebrated businessman was born on September 2nd, 1969. In his lifetime, he has risen to become an American billionaire, a true self-made one, thanks to his business ventures.Lefkofsky is best known for being the CEO of many reputable businesses, including Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Uptake, Lightbank, Mediaocean, and, most notably, health company Tempus.

Understanding Tempus

While many of the ventures founded and run by Lefkofsky have risen to great success, the one to really take not of is Tempus.In case you’re not familiar with it, Tempus is a technology company that has the unique goal of creating a library of molecular and clinical data. The organization also strives to compile this data into an easily manageable operating system.Using Tempus and its products, doctors can deliver all types of personalized care, including and especially, cancer care to patients. The company offers an interactive platform to make its system easy to use for healthcare providers.Through this program and the research power behind it, doctors can make smart, quick decisions concerning patient care. The company was designed to help all patients receive the best health care and treatment possible and to make it easier for healthcare practitioners to provide that care.

The Brain Behind the Business

It’s obvious to all who encounter Tempus or Lefkofsky’s other businesses that this is a man with power and great business ideas.And aside, from his great business mind, Lefkofsky also has a great heart for people. He has founded a charitable trust, the Lefkofsky Foundation, which focuses on fudning a charitable organizations that help children.He is also a member of the Giving Pledge, which encourages the wealthy to donate to reputable causes.Great business ideas and great giving combine to make Eric Lefkofsky a great man.

GreenSky Credit’s Corporate Success Story

GreenSky Credit is a leading organization in the United States. It was established in the year 2006. This company has drastically transformed the face of finance marketplace. GreenSky Credit is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Moreover, the company has another call centre located in Covington, Kentucky. The co-founder of the company is non-other than David Zalik. David is a celebrated genius. He formed his company while he was just 14 years. While in High school, David would skip his classes and attend mathematics classes at Auburn University where his dad used to teach. He was a lover of maths. When he joined the college as a freshman, he started purchasing computers parts and assembled them. He later sold the students fully refurbished computers. He went on to sell software’s to leading companies. He became so successful in forming his MicroTech Company. Afterwards, he sold this company and created two others.

In 2006 David Zalik formed the company from nothing. The company is now specialized in patent credit, retail and unsecured loan solutions. GreenSky Credit has partnered with several banks where it acts as a middleman between banks and the consumer. It has so far partnered with over 14 banks. The company has deepened and developed strong relationships with dealers, providers and retailers in 50 states. To date, the company has been on a journey of transforming the lives of consumers working with over 17,000 retailers. GreenSky Credit has been responsible for the transformation of most small-scale businesses to medium-sized corporates. Through the introduction of GreenSky Credit mobile application, the process of borrowing loans has been made simple and more convenient.

Consumers no longer have to queue in bank halls filling a bunch of information.

The procedure is now simplified by the scanning of a driver’s license that has all the information needed. Afterwards, the consumer receives a congratulation message and moves on to attend to other issues. GreenSky Credit can handle large businesses down to the smallest businesses. The company can meet the demand in the market. Also, it has been able to customize banks services and enhance sales. GreenSky is now looking forward to increasing their partnership with more banks and merchants.

Richard Blair, The Leadership Behind Wealthy Solutions

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, a company that offers services in financial advisory. Since the beginning of his career, Richard Blair has always been driven towards entrepreneurship and starting up his own company and eventually did so. Today, Wealth Solutions is widely successful, servicing a large list of clients. All through his career, Richard Blair has worked with different clients coming from different fields and backgrounds. This has given him the skills he needed to be able to form good connections with his clients, and to help his company retain the current ones. His career in the field of finance spans over twenty five years, which has given him the expertise to be able to be an efficient leader to his company, Wealth Solutions.

Before starting his own company, Richard Blair worked with a number of financial advisory firms. This work experience was what gave him the confidence to be able to start up his own company. When he started Wealth Solutions, he wanted to build a company that would offer some of the most appropriate solutions to its clients, while keeping their best interest in mind. Today, the company works on the principles of being able to always provide their clients with the best services. But it isn’t just the excellent customer service that has made this company what it is today. Richard Blair wanted his company to be able to appeal to a large customer base, and therefore formulated a number of services to help customers with their broad spectrum of needs. Right from advice regarding investments and mutual funds, to retirement and future planning, Wealth Solutions has a service for every field of financial advisory.

The main office of Wealth Solutions is located in Austin where customers can go and get a financial analysis according to their needs. With their broad range of services, Richard Blair has managed to not just land individual households and families, but large companies and businesses as well. Since Richard Blair believes that his company can help safeguard and multiply people’s finances, he didn’t want it to be limited to only one strata of society. While offering their services to the clients, Richard Blair also entrusts his employees to give the clients the knowledge that they would need to better safeguard their assets. Since Richard Blair comes from a family of people who were working in the education sector, he believes that a part of his company should focus on educating the clients as well.

Madison Street Capital Arranges Minority Recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking company based in Chicago. For the company, nothing delights them more than becoming part of the solution to their problem. For this reason, they have endeavored to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. For all their business dealings, the company worked to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that does not depict perfect business management. The company always struggles to meet and exceed the expectations of their clients. Ares Security Company based in the United States contracted Madison Street Capital to take care of the transaction to seek appropriate financing solution on their behalf.


As a matter of fact, they knew that Madison Street Capital was one of the best companies in the industry that offers these services. For this reason, they have endeavored to develop high-end solutions in this development capability. For you to do better business, you must be associated with high-end companies that lead in this industry. For this reason, Ares Security Company identified itself with Madison Street Capital as the best source of comprehensive financial advice. The Vienna-based company is a security risk management company dealing in the production of high-end software dedicated to taking care of development in the company. For this reason, they were looking for financial solutions to help them work towards better business management in a manner that is not depicted in this industry.


According to Madison Street Capital, the Transaction was announced by Charles Bosch who was the president of the company. As a matter of fact, the transaction was led by Richard Rick as the Senior Director of Operations at Madison Street Capital. A combination of the two most powerful individuals in Madison Street Capital made the transaction end in the expected manner. It was o the surprise of the company that they managed to meet and exceed the expectations of Ares Security Company.


According to the president of Ares Security Company, they were extremely delighted to become part of this transaction. As a matter of fact, they never expected that they would manage to reach this destination in his position. For this reason, they will continue to develop high-end solutions in technology because of the funds raised by Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital always works to meet the clients with the best buyers. For those who want financing options, you will always get a better option through the services offered by the company. For this reason, Ares Securities Company is now happy with the company due to their prowess in this industry. Madison Street Capital reputation will continue to offer unparalleled solutions to companies and rich individuals seeking comprehensive financial advice in their capacity as a market leader in the United States.




All you Need to Know About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an international investment company that is based in the United States. Just recently, the company released its financial reports for the international consumer. The report is the fourth edition of its M&A, and it is covering the transaction activities in Madison Street Capital and other related institutions.

According to the report, there were forty two deals that closed or were announced in 2015 in the international community. When compared to the 2014 report, 2015 transactions increased significantly when compared to what was had been reported. The volume of the transactions were measured in volume, and according to the report, they went up by twenty seven percent, compared to what was reported in 2014. The institution noted that there were some key motivators that had created the good environment for these deals. This environment is also put 2016 in a good record for better performance.

The report stated that the assets in the industry were high, just as usual. These assets were high, despite the reported mediocre performance that was reported and experienced in many institutions throughout the year. Hedge fund industries’ performance wasn’t good as expected. However, the managers in charge of these institutions tried to make increased allocations, especially in the alternative asset management sector. The managers did this in order to get better returns that can at least match the rising liabilities in the competitive modern market. Smaller organizations that growing were also working hard to increase their operating capital. Most of them have been working below the required portfolio capacity.

Madison Street Capital is one of the leading companies in the globe that offer full service and integrated approach to the different institutions and individuals in the globe. Madison Street Capital specializes in hedge funds and asset managers.

When the company was started, it had one objective: to build strong reliable businesses that will be available in different communities in the world. The client’s needs are given the first priority by the company. This has given the company the upper hand in the competitive market. The institution is also involved in philanthropic activities. The company offers support to many organizations in the globe. Most of the support is given in form of funds and other important services.

Madison Street Capital has been so successful thanks to a group of professionals who work around the clock. The professionals are very experienced, and they have a lot of knowledge in relationship. The company has become very powerful over the years, and the team is responsible for the success. Madison Street Capital has been in the industry was quite some time, and it has gained enough experience any challenging situation in the industry. During these years, Madison Street has helped thousands of clients in diverse industries.

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Madison Street Capital COO Named to Top 40 Under Forty

The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) has named Madison Street Capital’s co-founder Anthony Marsala as one of the financial world’s 40 Under Forty. The 2015 list recognizes 40 young innovators who have made extraordinary advances in mergers and acquisitions, financial forensics, business valuation, and associated financial professions. More than 100 nominees were considered for the honor by the executive staff of NACVA and the Consultants Training Institute (CTI).

According to NACVA, Marsala and the other honorees embody “the drive, motivation, and courage needed” to move world of finance and valuation forward. As MCA’s Chief Operating Officer, Marsala has been key to developing and expanding MSC’s international presence in Europe, Africa and Asia. Under his direction, MSC’s management due diligence team, as well as the analytical team, have performed all business valuation for the firm’s corporate finance and M&A clients.

Before starting Madison Street Capital, Marsala was Senior Managing Director of Houlihan Smith & Company, Inc., and head of Houlihan’s Strategic Analytical Services Group. Prior to joining Houlihan, he was Co-Director of Business Development for a boutique investment bank that dealt specifically with middle-market companies on a Global scale. He also served as Assistant Director and Project Manager at that firm.

Marsala has a Master’s Diploma in Strategy from the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School. He earned bachelor’s degrees in Finance and Information Systems at Loyola University of Chicago. He’s a member in good standing of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA).

Madison Street Capital is one of the world’s premier middle market investment banking firms. Headquartered in Chicago, MSC is a leading provider of mergers & acquisitions expertise, business valuation, financial opinions and other corporate finance services. With offices in North America, Africa and Asia, Madison Street Capital’s seasoned professionals are focused on positioning their clients for success in the global marketplace. MSC specializes in client-specific financing, buy-side and sell-side advisory services, and capitalization structures for privately held businesses and those in the public sector. For additional information, call Madison Street Capital at 1-312-529-7000 or visit

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