How Chris Burch Built the Best Resort in the World

Many people want to travel around the world. Staying in a luxury hotel is an experience that few people get to enjoy. Chris Burch is the founder and owner of the most popular resort in the world. This resort has expanded in recent years. Not only is the resort fun to stay at, but the staff focuses on enhancing the customer experience.

Chris Burch has started numerous companies during his career.  He is excited about all of his opportunities for the coming years (

College Experience

When Chris Burch went to college, he had no idea what he wanted to focus on. He went to class for a few years before deciding college was not for him. He started a business in his local area selling various products. Although he was initially successful, the company eventually went out of business. He learned valuable lessons through this experience.

Chris Burch had to choose between starting another company or getting a regular job. He decided that he wanted to own a business, and he would do whatever it took to reach his goals.

Financing Issues

Building a hotel requires a considerable capital investment. No bank will lend someone millions of dollars without a lengthy approval process. Chris Burch had a vision for a luxury hotel in a populous area. However, he never received financing for this idea from a bank.

He started to pitch his idea to several venture capitalists in the area. Check He finally found someone who was willing to risk their capital in exchange for equity in his business.

Helping Others

Although it was difficult at first, he now manages a thriving hotel. Chris Burch has multiple expansion plans for the future. He also started a financing company designed to help new business owners. He knows how difficult it can be to get approval for a business loan.

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