A Look at the Incredible Success of Chris Burch

A Look at the Incredible Success of Chris Burch

Christopher Burch has gained over forty years’ experience as an active entrepreneur and investor. Chris founded Burch Creative Capital where he serves as the CEO. Mr. Burch has played a significant role in leading the growth and success of luxury brands such as Voss Water, Poppin, and Jawbone. Chris initially served at The Continuum Group and the Guggenheim Capital as a board member.

Chris Burch began his entrepreneurial journey in 1976 even though he still attended the Ithaca College. As a student, Chris partnered with his brother and together they raised $2,000 to start a business. They started the Eagle’s Eye apparel that was later valued at $165 million. However, the two decided to sell the company to Swire Group. Burch then decided to invest in the Internet Capital Group.

Chris has made investments in various real estate ventures such as the development of property in Florida, New York, Palm Beach, and Nantucket among other places. Chris has partnered with Alan Faena and Philippe Stark to develop Faena hotel. One of his recent projects was the acquisition of Nihiwatu which is located in Indonesia.

In 2011, Chris founded the C.Wonder which is a home décor, accessories, and apparel retailer. The company was bought later by Xcel Brands. Burch in 2014 made an official announcement about his new partnership deal with Ellen. DeGeneres to establish a lifestyle brand (entrepreneur.com). In the same year, Chris founded Cocoon9 luxury homes. The modern homes have sophisticated finishes, energy efficient features, and contemporary designs.

Nihiwatu and Cocoon9 became Burch’s brands which also included women accessories, apparel, and office supply. Currently, Chris supports the development of other consumer and lifestyle brands such as organic foods, Blink Health, Chubbies, Soludos, organic foods, and Brad’s Raw Foods. Chris has also invested a lot in the hospitality and technology industries.

Chris Burch previously served at the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation as a board member. Chris also worked at the prestigious Pierre hotel Co-op as the president. Chris is also actively involved in donating to charitable organizations. He also contributes to research activities. Chris carries out philanthropic initiatives at The Child Welfare League of China, The Sumba Foundation, and the Mt. Sinai Hospital among others.


Creative Capital employs an investment philosophy which expresses the entrepreneurial vision and values of Chris in terms of creativity, leading to disruptive brands, applying imagination, and identifying market opportunities. Burch has contributed to the establishment of over 50 companies, check burchcreativecapital.com.  Burch has remarkable understanding of consumer behavior that helps him to give them the best experience.

Chris Burch Turns Remote Indonesian Island Place Into First Class Hotel

Indonesia’s Sumba location has gone from being an unknown little island in the Pacific to now being home to one of the world’s highest ranked vacation hotels. The man who invested in this vacation island is Chris Burch, a billionaire serial entrepreneur who’s bought ownership stakes in several 5-star hotels and this is his largest purchase to date. Burch has had some of the world’s top designers and contractors build luxuriously designed villas and around the property you can find outdoor massage locations, warm therapeutic pools, and trails that take you to beautiful nature spots. Burch also decided to build a home at this remote island that has a glass pool outside with an incredible ocean view, and the inside has some of the most opulent furnishings. Burch became a billionaire in 2012 according to Forbes, but it was over 40 years of work that brought him to that point.

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Chris Burch started out running a small business that he started while he was a college student. He would buy sweaters from a factory and sell them at the dormitories as well as to local retail merchants. Burch started making enough profits from the business that by the time he graduated he was running it full-time and named the company Eagle Eye Apparel. He turned out $140 million in sales and opened over 50 locations before eventually selling it for $60 million. From owning Eagle Eye Apparel, Burch started buying shares in equity firms and internet investment groups like Guggenheim Partners and the Internet Capital Group. He helped open a brand new fashion brand along with his then wife Tory Burch and had the company given her name. In 2008, he went all in on venture capital funding when he started Burch Creative Capital.

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Around the same time that he partnered in the launch of Tory Burch, Chris Burch also joined alan Faena to build the Faena Hotel + Universe, a former grain storage facility in Buenos Aires that’s become one of Argentina’s top 5-star resorts. The Faena Group was a longtime partner of Burch Creative Capital but they’ve since exited the firm’s portfolio. Burch started buying and flipping properties in 2005 starting with a $14 million home in Southampton, NY and buying up other town homes and rental properties in Nantucket, MA (architecturaldigest.com). Nihiwatu Resort was purchased for $30 million in 2013, and Burch was also formerly the co-op board president for the Pierre Hotel.

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