Market America Received The Family Business Award In 2017

*A Closer Look: Market America:

Market America is a company that is headquartered in Greensboro NC. Market America sells a variety of products around the world. Products sold by this organization include dietary supplements, jewelry, cosmetics, household goods and much more.

Market America was founded over two decades ago by Loren Ridinger. There are a variety of affiliated companies that do currently manufacture and sell similar products. All of the company’s products can be purchased on line through the Market America web site. Market America currently has a revenue of over $200 million dollars.

The company sells top quality products which must pass certain testing standards concerning, quality, purity as well as consumption. Market America is currently affiliated with retailers such as Walmart, Sears, Macy’s, Best-Buy, HSN and many more.

Market America invites anyone that is interested to become an active partner within their organization. This opportunity would give new clients the advantage to sell their own products to major vendors and retailers. In addition, new clients would have immediate access to Market America customers. Finally, this opportunity would give the person an opportunity to earn some substantial cash.

Market America received the “Family Business Award” in 2017. In addition, the affiliate helped the popular Television show “The View” celebrate their landmark episode by visibly promoting products on an episode of The View. This particular episode of this very popular show helped increase visibility as well as sales of select products in which were recently marketed on air.

The Miami Herald published a flattering article about Loren Ridinger concerning her hard work as well as devotion toward the organization in which she founded over twenty years ago.

Peter Gold recently did an analysis of Market America as well as the affiliate Peter Gold is currently CMO of Market America. Gold spoke about the tremendous growth that Market America and have experienced just within the last two years. In addition, Gold spoke out the apparent devotion that Loren Ridinger has toward the organization.

Finally, Market America offers shoppers a variety of product alternatives which are offered at more than reasonable prices. In addition, Market America offers business opportunities for any one willing to invest the time in an attempt earning some real money.

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