Revolutionizing the Petroleum Industry – An insight into Cotemar Mexico

Mexico is a country where opportunities are endless. Considered to be one of the most resourceful and profitable areas, there are several sectors, more specifically, the sectors of Maritime services, energy, petroleum, construction, and the offshore sector, within the land that are led by a number of companies and organizations. When one talks about some of these leading names in the country, Cotemar is one that can be used as one of the finest examples of how a company has revolutionized, be it silently, the petroleum industry.


Built around its core values of sustainability and quality, Cotemar has consistently been progressing and expanding ever since its inception in 1979, and it is today a leading oil company, particularly specializing in the provision of Petroleum and Maritime services. Additionally, its services also extend to the development and maintenance of offshore facilities, as well as working with specialized ships.


Other services that Cotemar offers pertain to the production and maintenance of equipment, providing integral accommodation and catering, and the maintenance other facilities, both common and recreational, that include basketball courts, cinemas, food areas, and more.


Over the last 37 years, the company has amassed a great deal of experience by providing solutions and services to Pemex, mainly through modernization, maintenance, and engineering. It has been largely successful in the oil industry, and its services have been applauded by other companies as well as by its customers.


The underlying reasons behind the company’s success can be attributed to the way it carries out its internal functions, with a special focus on retaining the quality of its staff. This is ensured by the productive way in which the company deals with its employees, with engaging training programs and persistent development, which brings to surface some of the most competent and expert members. Contrary to the usual working environment at most other companies, the work culture at Cotemar is highly interactive, as well as enlightening. The staff at Cotemar is challenged to work to their fullest, but at the same time, they are rewarded, and this is something that boosts productivity on the part of the employees.


Furthermore, the company revolves around its commitment to not only economic and social development, but also to the protection of the environment. To uphold these values, Cotemar is constantly making efforts to raise awareness and engage in ethically good practices that lead ecological preservation.

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