FreedomPop – Your Go to Mobile Broadband Provider for Free and Economical Internet

If you thought the internet cannot be free, think again. FreedomPop, a wireless and mobile virtual network company headquartered in Los Angeles, California, offers free and economical models that conform to any home user’s budget.



FreedomPop was co-founded by CEO Steven Stokols and Stephen Sesar. The company offers free IP mobile services such as free text, data, and VoIP. It also sells tablets, mobile phones, and mobile devices to be used with their services.



This FreedomPop review below outlines the specific mobile and internet services it offers.



Free 1GB of data each month



FreedomPop provides a superb free 1GB data every month to its consumers. This is exactly what you want if you are operating on a shoestring budget and you are not a heavy internet user. All you need to do is pay the one-off fee for modem and router, and you are ready to enjoy free internet.



It’s almost impossible to find 4G broadband companies that extend free internet package to their users. You might be lucky to find a few, but FreedomPop beats them in terms of generosity, by far. Therefore, if you are into free data plans, FreedomPop is your go to provider.



Affordable monthly rates



We can’t stress enough that FreedomPop is your go to provider when contemplating 4G mobile broadband on a restricted budget. FreedomPop’s highly priced data plan sits below most providers’ cheapest plans while at the same time providing reasonable download speeds. Its data limits might be a little bit lower compared to other providers, but if you are not the type that heavily consumes data, the trade-off is still a good option.



Regarding price, few mobile broadband providers come close to FreedomPop. The price is the most important aspect when individuals are searching out for any 4G broadband company. Therefore, FreedomPop will naturally appear on top of most search lists.



Usage alerts keeps you in the know



Just for some extra few dollars, FreedomPop will convey email alerts to you informing you when your monthly data usage is close to reaching its limit. FreedomPop has also rolled out an ambitious plan to enable availability of these alerts through text message. This text message platform would be a handy tool to have to save you on expensive overages on your monthly plan.



Buy or earn a lot more data



You may discover that you are always going above your monthly data plan. You are at liberty to buy and earn a lot more data effortlessly through FreedomPop. Data can be earned in two ways including participation in partner offers and promotions and referring friends to FreedomPop. You get 50MB free data every referral. What makes this offer more appealing is that you continue to benefit from the free 50MB data each month if friends you referred maintain their accounts with FreedomPop. This, in essence, means the more people you refer, the more free cumulative data you get.