The Need to De-clutter, Try Clearabee!

A garage or storage room full of rubbish that is piling up and you have been trying to get rid of, but don’t know how? Well, you do not need to shoulder the burden and spend many trips on a do-it-yourself rubbish removal method costing more time and money than necessary. Clearabee can be of assistance. Clearabee is rubbish clearance company in Birmingham (United Kingdom) and about fifteen other locations in Britain. Founded in 2012, this British rubbish removal company is on high demand where the company has helped move unwanted items for over 30,000 customers. Clearabee offers competitive pricing for same-day retrievals and if you join in on their loyalty ride, you can get 10% credit off of the next rubbish removal service.


Clearabee has a service called the “Man and Van” which is their most popular service offering flexible same day service and can accept almost all types of waste. Small, medium, and large loads are three sizes that determine the pricing which is about 50 British pounds difference starting around 99 pounds to 199 pounds. You can also choose the alternative if you would like a fixed price, however the containment is called the Beebag where if the junk fits in the bag, it is good and collection is within 24 hours upon your request. So, what are you waiting for? Why not call up Clearabee to free some space in your home?