OSI group: a global leader in meat processing

On April 8, 2019, OSI Group the food processing giant announced the acquisition of Rose Packing Company Inc., a leading producer of pork products for foodservice and retail customers

Rose Packing company is a family-owned business that has stood the test of time(Somewhat like OSI group). It currently is an operation of 700 employees.

The merger with Rose Packing Company will further solidify OSI’s position as a global leader in the meat processing industry and add substantially to OSI’s current 20,000 employees in 65 facilities across 17 countries.

In 1909, a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky opened a family meat and butcher shop market in Oak Park, to serve his community. The business expanded into the wholesale meat sector and by 1928, it was named Otto & Sons.

In 1955, the early days of MacDonald’s and the franchising business model, Ray Kroc, who was at the time, a franchise agent made a handshake agreement with Otto Kolschowsky’s sons, which stated that the brothers’ company would be MacDonald’s major supplier of ground beef.

When Ray Kroc became CEO of MacDonald’s a few years later, Otto & Sons serviced the fast food’s companies meat needs. As MacDonald’s business expanded across the US, so its number one meat supplier’s business expand with it.

New technology in the 1960s: flash freezing-cryogenic food processing, a process of quickly freezing food with nitrogen made food processing more cost-effective and Otto & sons the precursor of OSI group more profitable.

In 1973, Otto & Sons built its major meat plant in West Chicago. The facility was fully equipped with Nitrogen freezing machines to service MacDonalds huge and growing demand for hamburger patty. In 1975 the company was renamed OSI industries.

In 1977 OSI ventured outside Chicago, first to Utah and then to other parts of the US. This trend continued for the next decade. Since the late 1980s, OSI has been expanded into Europe, Asia, and South America.

OSI group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois in the United States.

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Different Meats and The Doubling of Production Capacity By OSI Food

One of the most commonly consumed meats by people is chicken. One of the reasons that chicken is consumed so much is that people are looking for ways to get protein without eating a lot of excess fats. For one thing, chicken has a ton of protein that people can enjoy. This is a lot different from the beef and similar items that people often get from fast food. Given that chicken is one of the most popular forms of meat, OSI Food group is doing everything it can to increase the production of chicken for companies to use.

One of the best things about chicken is that people can do things with chicken that they can also do with beef. Where people often get a lot of enjoyment from hamburgers, they can also get some of that enjoyment from chicken as well. The only thing is chicken tastes even better than beef. Then they consume less calories from chicken compared to beef. This is only one example of the benefits of chicken over beef. There are plenty of other benefits that come with chicken as people make it a point to regularly consume type of meat.

OSI food group can also prepare chicken in ways that are innovative. One of the best things about the taste of chicken from OSI is that it is an indicator that the chicken has been prepared in the most humane and merciful way. This means that there have been no methods of torture involved in preparing the chicken for different processing companies. Therefore, people can enjoy some of the benefits that come from the chicken. They can do this without having to deal with issues with their conscience. Given that OSI has doubled the production capacity of chicken, people can enjoy chicken even more.

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Ingenuity, Hardwork& Perseverance: OSI Industries

Have you ever wondered how certain retailors receive their food products? Did you know that the majority of retailors in food services doesn’t posses their own agriculture farms? Did you know that there are food providers that supply these retailors with actual food? Yes, that’s right! In society today, there is only a slight margin of companies that harvest and grow their own foods. The remaining fraction of the equation has to use food providers, and OSI Industries covers a large percentage of the marketplace today. This company dates all the way back to the early 1900s. In the beginning, OSI Industries was known as Otto & Sons, and it provided the best tasting beef in the Midwest.

Otto & Sons was a family business, and it was named after its founder Otto Kolschowski. This extraordinary guy immigrated to America via Germany. The meat trade was what his business was all about. Word of mouth quickly spread across the region and the company began to receive a lot of business. Business was so good to where McDonald’s joined its team. Every since this point in time, the hamburger-giant has remained a loyal client to the company. As time passed on, other high-profile retailors began to jump aboard the ship. This would include the brands:

• Burger King
• Starbucks
• Subway
• Yum
• Papa John’s Pizza
• Pizza Hut
• And more

Business was booming and the future had never looked brighter. As of today, Otto & Sons has grown into OSI Industries, and this business has facilities all over the U.S. The facilities are state-of-the-art, and they’re located in Utah, in California, in Illinois, in Wisconsin and in Maryland. In total, OSI Industries has facilities that are located in Brazil, in Germany, in Austria, in Poland, in Hungary, in India, in Australia, in Ukraine, in Spain and in Taiwan. These facilities are also loaded with some of the best technologies. China has benefited greatly by working with OSI. This 20-year relationship has produced great results with a 600,000 metric-ton capacity feed mill. This just so happens to be China’s largest feed mill. All in all, OSI Industries has done the hard work, it has been creative, and it has stayed the course.

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