Todd Levine Attorney and Successful Entrepreneur

Todd Levine is a founding member and attorney of several law firms and has a clear cognition on handling the many disputes within these law firms.

Levine’s main focus in business disputes deals with real estate and other commercial projects centering around property transactions.

Aside from the law firms he deals with, he has an interest in both artist and scientific research and studies.

The legalities that Todd Levine handles with his business has helped him learn how to use his creative mind to and utilize it in the legal world. The utilization of his creativity has allowed him a deeper understanding of each case he handles. This initial understanding of creativity has allowed him to find the core issues so that he can lay them out in very simple forms that can be easily understood. Levine mentions that the more simple the analysis is the better chance a person has at succeeding.

In an average day of Todd Levine’s life, he travels from place to place. All the traveling he does takes a lot of time, and due to this, he must be willing to take business calls while traveling.

Some advice that Todd Levine mentions for those who want to succeed in entrepreneurship is to study all the details that entail within the given field of profession that a person may be pursuing. Once the knowledge is gained, learning all the sectors of the professions can help one succeed. In addition to this advice, Levine says that to succeed you must love what you do.

Some other advice that Todd Levine mentions is to plan ahead of time and to always be prepared for whatever comes your way.

In addition to preparation, Todd Levine has made the habit to write down detailed plans and outlines of his legal arguments before he commits to using them. This process allows Levine to ensure his ideas are clearly organized and can be easily understood by the legal teams.

Todd Levine proves to be someone who is hard-working and dedicated to his work.

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Gustavo Martinez Revelations of the Advertisement and Marketing Field

  Who is Gustavo Martinez?

Gustavo Martinez is an experienced marketing and advertisement consultant. He has worked in the field for over 35 years of leading high-end business. Among the achievements he has had is the overseeing of the creation of ads in the pop-culture. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench and Gustavo Martinez – Medium

He also worked as the CEO of J.Walter Thompson Worldwide, a leading marketing company in the world. He served McCann World group as the president. He also led Mather and Ogilvy companies that are well known in the market. Gustavo Martinez also worked at Price Waterhouse and Henkel.

Gustavo Martinez insight into the consultant

The consultant has been the foundation of an advertisement. It is a proven way of delivering excellent results in the marketing industry. The consultant comes first before the ad, and it is very vital in any marketing company.

He advises marketing companies to consider creativity first. It is essential. Check creativity first before considering other factors in the prospects. Failure to choose the greatest mind will cost you so much. Do not follow the set rules in the other industries to employ people in the advertisement sector. You should hire people who complete their work correctly and execute their duties well.

Creativity is the cornerstone of the marketing sector. The creative in terms of innovation and problem solving is all that is needed to run this sector. It is vital for companies to make recruitment a science where new employs should prove that they are very creative and endeavor to improve the company.

According to Gustavo Martinez, advertisement in its own cannot win the consumers in modern society. They need to involve consumer experience in their ads. They also need to show the functionality of the advertised products. This will win the consumers trust, but on delivery, the consumers should find precisely that which you were promoting.

As the consultant, Gustavo Martinez projects to helping many companies to maintain their startups. In most cases, startups do not thrive the test of time. So, the need to improve on their trial and error mechanism up to about 90% to withstand the market wave. Moreover, they should continue to consult so that they do not fail because of simple things that could be rectified.

Bottom line

Gustavo Martinez is an experienced consultant having worked for many bigger marketing companies for about 35 years. He advises the marketing companies to consider consultation first before the advertisement. Also, when employing advertisement agencies, they should prioritize on creativity above all other things.

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Krishen Iyer Manages Life

Ever inquisitive with a keen eye for details, Krishen Iyer flourished throughout his school years, even when he graduated high school and moved to attend both Grossmont College and San Diego State University, earning his bachelor’s degree in urban development and public administration.

These days Krishen Iyer works as the CEO of his company Managed Benefits, a consulting and management firm based in Fresno, California which was previously named Quick Link Marketing, where they seek to provide the best possible services customized for each one of its customers based on everyday needs and the goals they have set for long term.

Despite how involved he is in the business, however, he doesn’t let it take time away from being part of things just as important. He is actively involved in Haiti’s relief efforts, sponsors children overseas, and frequently goes out to clean up the local parks in his area as shown in the link here He also takes his team out for team building exercises, and has admitted that he believes communication is the key to all life in an ideal, noting that it is also a skill which must be constantly practiced to be kept sharp.

Krishen Iyer believes the only bad job is one that nothing can be learned from, and that failure can be viewed as a chance to learn a valuable lesson for the future as one learns how to overcome the challenge, especially if they evaluate them for future applications. He says being cautious never hurt, but never doubts yourself as explained further in this article.

Marc Beer wants to deal with Urinary Incontinence for good

Marc Beer has helped Renovia to get funding of more than $32 million in a Series B round. He has also acquired an additional $10 million in venture debt for his medical technology company startup. Marc Beer serves as the CEP and Chairman of Renovia Inc. and has led this company through his experience in the development and commercialization of the enterprises in the area of Pharmaceutical devices, diagnostics, and biotechnology. He is more focused on products that help in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence. This pelvic floor disorder can affect more than 250 million women.

Innovation trailblazer

Leva is the first product from Renovia to be approved by the Food and Drugs Administration. The participation of Longwood Fund played a role in enabling Marc Beer obtains this funding. Longwood Fund deals with health care issues that were part of the reason why Renovia was founded. This time, the Ascension Ventures of Missouri and the Perceptive Advisors of New York spearheaded Series B. Marc Beer has every intention of developing a new generation of Leva, which is why this infusion of finances is meant to support its development and testing.

During the announcement of this funding, Marc showed his appreciation for the support of a group of health care investors. He says it is a thrill for the startup to share their vision to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of women having pelvic floor disorders. Marc is of the idea that if there is an increased understanding of the pelvic floor disorder, there are chances of reducing the risk of long-term healthcare costs.

Dynamism in leadership

Marc’s leadership style is dynamic, an aspect that has helped him to formulate workable solutions to urgent issues. In 2016, Marc Beer, together with Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias cofounded Renovia Inc. since then; Marc has demonstrated his ability and readiness to take on ventures that will benefit his clients as well as the company. Renovia was founded based on the need to come up with a company that addresses urgent needs of the clients. Marc Beer has always wanted to give back, which is why he joined the Mass Life Science Board for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

About Marc Beer

Marc Beer helms Renovia Inc. as the Chief Executive Officer, co-founder, and Chairman. He studied Bachelor of Science in Business administration at Miami University. He left school in 1987 after graduating. Since the start of his career up to now, Marc has demonstrated great skills in leadership I the areas of business and public areas of responsibility. He is a member of the Miami University Business Advisory Council. He provides highly complex guidance to those who require the attention of dedicated individuals. Learn more:


The Chainsmokers Become The Soundtrack To The Weekend

In 2018, The Chainsmokers have become one of the leading DJ duos in the world with a following of mainstream fans and those who are dedicated to the electronic dance music genre. 2018 has also seen a change in musical direction for The Chainsmokers with a darker sound discovered by Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart to reflect a darker period in their lives. Alex Pall explains much of the darker sound was employed because of the simple fact the album was recorded in the Winter months of the year, but the latest release sees a more fun, upbeat sound employed to reflect the Summer.

“Side Effects” is the latest release from The Chainsmokers and reunites the DJ duo with frequent collaborator, Emily Warren. The contagious tune is a perfect end of Summer anthem and should see The Chainsmokers return to the top of the charts as they continue to create their second album, “Sick Boy.” An EP under the name, “Sick Boy” has already been created with “Side Effects” the fifth single to be released to an eager fanbase.

A popular promo has already been released to accompany “Side Effects” starring Camilla Mendes of “Riverdale” fame. Mendes plays the character of Riley, a hotel worker who is told she must work over the weekend but spends her time in the high-class hotel dancing to the latest sounds of The Chainsmokers.

The release of “Side Effects” is the fifth of the year for The Chainsmokers and comes as the duo are looking to put the finishing touches to their album, “Sick Boy.” “Sick Boy” will follow up the impressive, “Memories… Do Not Open” album which has been awarded gold status in the U.S. and has streamed more than 270 million times on the Spotify service. Anticipation has been building for the release of “Sick Boy”, which will be accompanied by a tour planned to continue from August through November.

The music industry has been taken over by storm with the incredible combination of Alex Paul and Andrew Taggart, also known as, The Chainsmokers. This electronic dance music/pop band’s music consists of singles like, “Roses”, “Don’t Let Me Down’’, and their newest hit “Closer” featuring Hasley. Meeting in New York City, the two DJs have been writing and producing music from day one.

Before the combo met they both were working as DJs and finishing up school in New York. A couple of mutual friends hooked the pair of them together, and from then on was pure magic. Instantly, Alex and Andrew hit it off, bringing talent and vision to the table. The Chainsmokers, from the beginning, have been working day and night together. Pushing themselves, not just for the paycheck, but for the connection they had established with their audience.

At first the Chainsmokers put out a lot of electronic dance music, but as they grew, the band figured out they wanted to expand as artist. Pall states that they both were fans of all types of music and thought they should branch out. So, that’s when music like, “Roses” started to come up. It is extremely imperative to the dynamic duo to constantly be evolving, and to not keep putting out the same type of music over and over.

To continue the Chainsmoker’s evolution of their music, the artists put their own vocals on their newest hit “Closer.’’ Alex Pall explains that singing in their song has brought a much stronger connection with their audience, rather than, just being the guys behind the DJ booth. The song was written about one of the group’s ex girlfriends, and dives into the metal gymnastics of relationships.

Starting out as just a couple of DJs, the Chainsmoker’s journey has been quite an experience. Alex’s and Paul’s tangible connection with their audience, and want to identify themselves as artist, will have this duopoly, making great music for many years to come.