Is Betsy DeVos The Ideal Secretary Of Education?

No matter where you turn to, political discourse will leak into your daily life if you allow it. We are living in a post-Trump/Clinton world and the political landscape will forever be altered as a result. Right now, President Donald Trump is steering a ship filled to the brim with conservative concepts and he is doing it with a majority government on his side. With that being said, you would be mistaken to believe that Trump is operating from an establishment perspective. He is truly an outsider and in order to prove it, you need only look at his Secretary of Education: Betsy DeVos.


Betsy DeVos is probably the most controversial Cabinet selection in the entire Trump Administration but it isn’t for what she has done, instead, her controversy surrounds what she has not yet accomplished. Betsy DeVos had never served in a federal or state level political job in her career, instead opting to work as a prominent GOP donor. With no federal experience on her resume, the selection of Betsy DeVos for the highest position in the education world was a bit of an eyebrow raiser, even from members of both sides of the political aisle! Fortunately for Betsy, those eyebrows were quick to recede when it was made abundantly clear just how focused she is on bringing in a change to her position.


With Betsy DeVos, conservatives have the perfect outsider component to President Trump’s Cabinet. While DeVos has been a prominent GOP donor for decades, she has never been beholden to the platform and has been more than willing to establish herself as an idealist before a member of any political party. While this isn’t exactly what people want to hear in the age of partisan politics, it is the kind of stance and mindset that all citizens should strive to have. In fact, Betsy DeVos has even butted heads with President Trump himself.


You’d have to go back to when President Trump rescinded federal protections for transgendered students in order to get DeVos and Trump butting heads for the first time. Fitting in with the conservative platform, President Trump wanted to pull these protections in order to not have special protections for anyone. DeVos didn’t believe in the idea. In fact, she was adamant that President Trump refuse to make the move. While President Trump ultimately won out and made his decision, DeVos made her opinion known. DeVos even went ahead and called all LGBTQ federal employees in her department to an emergency meeting prior to the announcement so that she could personally face them when the news broke. This is just one example of how battle ready Betsy DeVos is for what is to come in the world of American politics.


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Chris Burch’s gift picks from his extensive travels and investments

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Chris Burch is always trying to create value in the companies he helps succeed and also takes a creative aspect to it. He is the founder of Burch Creative Capital in New York City. He has been practicing business and entrepreneurship since his college days. Chris and his brother started a fashion brand when he was studying at Ithaca College. Eagle’s Eye Apparel was initially a $2000 dollar investment at first. With hard work and dedication from the two brothers they turned this $2000 business into a $165 million dollar. What a great success story at such a young age. They later sold it to Swire Group.

The successful investor sits on a number of boards. He is also a co-owner of Nihiwatu 5-star Resort on an Indonesian Island (  and has also invested in Faena Hotel + Universe. Not only has Chris invested in the real estate endeavors, he has also invested fashion brands, lifestyle brands like ED by Ellen DeGeneres, and health food brands. With this much diversity, Mr. Burch has a lot to give and will continue to help innovative brands make a big compact in the world, click for his latest contribution to the market.

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George Soros Renowned Businessman and Philanthropist Based in the United States

One of the most familiar names in the political and business landscape of the United States is George Soros. He is known as a man with liberal views and has supported the marginalized sections of the society for way longer than one can remember. Having made a fortune in the business world, George Soros is blessed with the resources to participate in various philanthropic causes and initiatives. It is due to his will to make a positive difference in the society we live in; he started his charitable organization by the name of Open Society Foundations, which is one of the well-funded charities in the world. Open Society Foundations has collaborations with hundreds of independent charities and organizations across the globe working for noble causes such as women empowerment, rehabilitation of the poor, education, public health, and more.

George Soros has always been on and off the headlines due to his political affiliations and interests as well as his philanthropic initiatives. Recently, he again made it to the headlines when he transferred a massive sum of $18 billion to his non-profit charitable organization, the Open Society Foundations. As per the reports of the Wall Street Journal, the transfer of such colossal sum would place Open Society Foundations in the same bracket as the wealthy non-profit organizations like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations. George Soros believes that the amount of financial resources he has accumulated over the years makes him responsible for bringing the difference the world is looking forward to for a better future.

George Soros has always been supportive of the Democratic Party and its causes, which is one of the reasons why he wholeheartedly supported Hillary Clinton in her Presidential Campaign. Even though George Soros was disappointed at her loss in the Presidential Campaign, George Soros did not give up and continued to fight the reforms and causes he has been working for since long. It includes supporting the justice reforms the United States needs, supporting the refugees and the immigrants, education reforms, immigrant reforms, health care reforms, and more. George Soros has also been speaking about the issues that the marginalized sections of the society faces, especially the LGBTQ community and the victims of the drug abuse. He feels that these people also have the right to better lives and the government must implement measures to rehabilitate them.

George Soros grew up in Hungary but had to move to London during his teenage years due to the Nazi occupation of his homeland. In London, George Soros joined the London School of Economics. He completed his graduation and moved to the United States later on. He dreamt of starting his business from a very long time, and it is what he did after working at a merchant bank for a few years. George Soros began Quantum Fund, which became hugely successful later on, and which marked the beginning of his mega-successful business journey. George Soros feels that the world needs significant social, justice, and economic reforms, which can only be bought by uniting the world population into one ideology and ending discrimination once and for all.

Adam Milstein’s Success As A Philanthropist

After establishing himself as one of the leading real estate investors globally, Adam Milstein is heavily involved in enhancing the culture and religion of the Jewish community. Adam is the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate investment company whose assets are valued at over $2 billion. In addition, the shrewd entrepreneur is the founder and chair of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.
Through Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, Adam Milstein reaches out to Jewish students across the globe. Adam supports and mentors these students with the aim of strengthening their bond with Israel. Moreover, Milstein ensures that Jewish students who are pursuing their studies outside Israel do not lose contact with their culture and heritage. Through the organization, the students can learn about the community’s history as well as how to read and write Hebrew, a vital tradition to the community. The efforts made by the real estate investor towards enhancing the Jewish culture have seen him being named on the Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs Top 200 list.
Adam is the brain behind the Israeli-American Council. This noble organization has played a pivotal role in enhancing the lives of the Jewish Community. Through the organization, Adam Milstein has been able to influence the United States’ policies on Israel. This goal has been achieved by influencing both Americans and policy makers positively. The investor believes that speaking out is the easiest way to point at problems and get them solved.
Over the years, Adam Milstein has been vocal on how societies treat the Jewish community and other marginalized communities. In the recent past, he pointed at the problems that the people close to him such as his wife have undergone in the hands of immigration officers and law enforcement officers.
Adam Milstein was born in born in Israel where he pursued his primary, high school, and college education. Adam Milstein also served in the Israeli Defense Forces during the Yom Kippur War. Adam married his wife Gila in 1981 before moving with her to the US to further his education and get a piece of the American dream. Notably, his organization, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, donates over $1 million annually.

Adam Milstein: Why the Influential Business Guru Is a Favorite in the Jewish Community

Adam Milstein is arguably a name that evokes respect and admiration across the business world. Mr. Milstein’s sheer prominence in real estate investment has undoubtedly made him a force to reckon with. As the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, Adam Milstein has successfully built a portfolio valued at over $2 billion in properties spanning across the U.S. Apart from building a stellar reputation based on his keen business acumen, he has also emerged as a recognizable philanthropist among the Jewish population.

More prominent is Adam Milstein’s philanthropic endeavor with the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, widely known for supporting and mentoring students worldwide. With the aid of his wife, the business guru has undoubtedly made significant progress in educating young Jewish scholars. Through his invaluable assistance, thousands of students have obtained essential knowledge regarding educational advancement and Jewish heritage. As a testament to his proficiency, Adam Milstein recently featured in the Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs Top 200.

Mr. Milstein’s impressive charity goes beyond offering financial assistance. His best donation entailed the establishment of the Israeli-American Council which focuses on fostering trade relationships between Israel and the U.S. Apart from holding an influential and active role in the council, Milstein has also painstakingly fought for the oppressed worldwide while also protecting the Jewish from unjust persecution. Such unwavering commitment also stems from a personal experience emanating from his wife’s experience as a Morocco migrant in the U.S.

During his free time, the influential business guru sharpens his writing skills by penning several publications regarding religion, culture and protection of human rights. Such efforts have gone a long way in assisting his Jewish counterparts forge connections with their religion through Hebrew.

As an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist, Adam Milstein doesn’t shy away from engaging with various stakeholders in the community. Rather than just signing a check, he strives to come up with effective ways to implement radical change both locally and beyond.

Personal Background

Adam Milstein undeniably holds unconditional love for his country. The Haifa native previously served in the IDF and the Yom Kippur War before pursuing postsecondary education. Upon graduating from Technion, Milstein moved to the U.S and pursued a business course at the University of Southern California.