Concerning Financial Ties With Foreign Entities & Our Elections

Recent reports were made concerning the possibility of a Russian company getting involved with the 2016 Presidential election. The Russian company was alleged to have bought political ads on Facebook to try to influence this election. And as a result, investigations have been in force by several committees. They have been investigating the connections between Trump and Kremlin for more than a year so far. Also, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has continually been uncovering additional evidence daily.

Foreign entities are forbidden to contribute to political campaigns. However, it is apparently hard to prevent them from contributing. Over the last few decades, right-wing lawmakers and lobbyists have been conspiring to dismantle laws that limit political campaigns’ financial contributions.

Mueller’s accusation of a $100,000 donation is just a tiny fraction of donations made from foreigners. Through a loophole in the corporate law, $1.3 million was donated to Jeb Bush super PAC by Chinese nationals through an organization called American Pacific International Capital. The super PAC also received donations from a wealthy Mexican entrepreneur through a Shell Corporation. And lastly, the FEC started investigating 15 possible illegal foreign, campaign spending cases by the beginning of 2017.

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The End Citizens United has concerns about this type of activity of contributions from foreign entities. They are for the people and believe in working with Democrats and their causes that are pro-reform. They mentioned recently in a report why re-evaluation of campaign finance rules is needed. This was mentioned after they conclusively learned that Kremlin purchasing of Facebook ads was associated with a Russian company.

About End Citizens United

Found in March 2015, the End Citizens United (ECU) is located in Washington, D.C. It is a grassroots donor PAC which focuses on overturning Citizens United by electing campaign finance reformers. They also want the elections to be pro-reform. They have been working with Democrats who are pro-reform. They would also work with Independents or Republicans who are pro-reform. They want and even work on state elections to work hard in preventing big donations that right-wings obtain for ulterior motives. ECU’s prime focus is ending the unlimited, untraceable donations.

Even though ECU was found in March 2015, they officially launched in August 2015, and so far they have done the following: $2 million has been raised for their cause, an additional $25 million to $30 million has been set to be taken in, they give the latest updates and information on candidates, and they educate the public on these issues.

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George Soros, Defender of the Weak

George Soros is an American, a citizen of the free world, a philanthropist and a democrat by conviction and persuasion. He is a man of the people and a defender of the weak and the vulnerable persons in the world. Even though the family man has had his moments of political charisma and strong political influence, he has never declared or insinuated to bear any political ambitions. He has immense wealth and is worth so much in the commercial sector as he is in the political arenas of the Democratic Party.

The political convictions of George Soros can be traced back to his formative years in Hungary as a Jewish kid undergoing religious and ethnic persecution. The Nazi regime imprisoned his father for being a Jew. At the time, the then kid could do nothing but watch. He developed the conviction that dictatorial regimes are demeaning and should not be allowed to exist. His political persuasions grew stronger as he grew into commerce, especially after he settled down in the United States and started living the American dream. The young business mind had the necessary work ethic to amass the wealth he possesses to date. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

George Soros broke a world record in 1992 and earned himself a title among all Wall-street legends as the man who broke the British economy single handed. Although the American had once been European, he had not been to his home country as a resident for a long time. Through his keen eye, discerning demeanor and cunning precision, he managed to speculate a big surge in the stocks and currency fluctuations. He moved in to sell 10 billion dollars to make a profit of one billion dollars on the fateful UK Black Wednesday. Since then, he had enough financial stability to constantly agitate for a change in how lowly placed persons and communities in the world get treated. He proposes the protection of human rights, the enforcement of equality policies, and deposition of dictatorships.

When 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed in cold blood by a white police officer despite being unarmed and non-violent, America reacted emotionally. According to the Washington Times, the Ferguson Protests became so violent that police officers got assaulted and about ten protestors ended up getting shot. The extra-judicial killing was bad, and public administrators admit that the governor, Jay Nixon, could have handled the situation better to contain the tension that was obviously omnipotent. Due to the need to make it clear that racial profiling is wrong, and to rebuke police brutality, George Soros decided to save the situation. He wanted to strategically organize the protests in a way to pass the intended message nationally without escalating the already wanting lawlessness that the protests were attracting. Know more on about George Soros.

Politico reports that he donated 5.4 million dollars to Ferguson and Staten Island. The money was to facilitate police reforms. He also had words with Color lines, an online site that reports all cases regarding racial discrimination and persecution. He wanted the Black Lives Matter Campaign to be a success.

George Soros has also been pouring funds into parties and groups that depose dictatorial regimes. He gave support to the people of Kosovo who were fighting for freedom. He also, according to Politico, funds the Independent Diplomat. The Independent Liberation played a big role in the liberation of both Northern Cyprus and Kosovo.

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End Citizens United’s Commissioned Poll Indicate That 61 Percent Of Americans Support An Independent Inquiry

A new poll by End Citizens United indicates that majority of Americans back an independent investigation into the involvement of Russia in the 2016 Presidential Election. The poll, carried out by PPP, establishes that Americans do not support the decision made by President Trump to fire James Comey, the FBI Director. Tiffany Muller said that Americans’ faith in their system as well as government is presently at its lowest point. Most Americans believe that a foreign entity interfered with their elections, thus threatening the foundation of their democracy. President Trump has now fired the individual in charge of overseeing the investigation. The American people are asking for an independent inquiry to restore faith in their system and get real answers. End Citizens United and its members will continue to request Congress to support an independent investigation.

The poll indicates that Americans support an independent investigation into the involvement of Russia in the last Presidential Election by a margin of 61-30 percent. Notably, 52 percent of the people believe that Russian was involved in the elections while 34 percent have a contrary opinion. 51 percent do not support President Trump’s decision to fire James Comey, while 41 percent support him. 56 percent disapprove of his job performance while only 39 percent approve Trump’s performance. The displeasure ranks as the highest recorded PPP rating since he took office. End Citizens United has partnered with Every Voice to launch “Independent Investigation Now” campaign. The nationwide campaign seeks to pressure senators to call for an independent inquiry to establish if President Trump and his campaign conspired with Russia to rig the election. The process will involve grassroots action, polling, media, and paid advertising. The campaign started with petitions, digital ads, and calls to the senate offices targeting eight republicans, including Steve Daines and Jeff Flake. This information was originally reported on End Citizens United’s website.

End Citizens United is raising large funds on its own. In the first quarter of 2017, the entity collected over $4 million. The group estimates that it will raise $35 million before to the 2018 midterm elections for congress. In the 2016 elections, the group raised $25 million. About 100,000 individuals contributed to the group in the first three months of this year. According to Tiffany Muller, who is the group’s president and executive director, 40,000 people were first-time contributors. The leaders of the PAC noted that their objective is to elect supporters of campaign finance reform to congress. In addition, Muller pointed out that the average contribution that the group received this year was $12 million. End Citizens United’s supporters feel like the election system is rigged against them given that those who contribute more money in the elections have the biggest say. Democrats who are furious about President Trump’s win are adding momentum to the PAC’s goal. This information was originally mentioned on USA Today.