The Professional Trajectory of Flavio Maluf

Flavio started his career working in Eucatex Group from 1987. It was in the trade section of the company that he was first working when he began his employment. He was later moved to the industrial part of the business, where he worked until 1996. This same year, he was promoted to be part of the company’s executive. Owing to his excellence in work, he rose a position higher. It was after consultations with the relevant stakeholders in this family business that Flavio was allowed to assume the presidency of the company. He currently occupies this post and is pushing the limits to make the company even more successful.

Modernization is an integral part of his agenda upon ascending this leadership position. Equally important to him is giving back to the community.His recent collaboration with MaternidadeIdio Carli and the local hospital all go to show his commitment to humanitarian engagement.


Eucatex was the first company in Brazil to use the eucalyptus to make plates and other kitchen dishes. The Chapas was the first plate the company made in 1954. It was inaugurated that year in Sao Paulo’s Santa. It was then that the company started producing soft sheets from wood fiber and acoustic linings. The manufacture of insulation and acoustic sheets soon followed. Today, this company meets the demand of civil construction industries and furniture manufacturers. The increased in demand meant the construction of a new factory in the same city.

Personal Life

Flavio was born in Brazil in early December 1961. He studied Mechanical Engineering and graduated from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) in Sao Paulo. It was while in New York University that he studied administration. While studying in America, he also had a worked to raise some money for this and that.

Jacqueline and Flalvio got married in 1986 and are now the proud parents of three children. The eldest child is a Chemical Engineering graduate from a London University. The other, at 19 years, is a graduate student of the Armado Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP). Their last child is a Son, 15 years old, about to join a college in England to study Engineering.