The New York City Real Estate Market Continues To Break Sales Records And Brokers Are Adapting To The Dynamic Boom

Being a real estate broker in New York City was never an easy job. Competition is fierce, and sales tactics can look more war planning than healthy salesmanship. New York is filled with all types of real estate agents and brokers, so breaking into the market by a relatively new firm is like climbing Mt. Everest in shorts. But Dave Liniger, the real estate maven that turned RE/MAX into a 100,000 agent sales force across the country and in other countries is up for the challenge. Liniger bought back the Master Franchise for the state of New York. His plan is to dominate the City’s real estate market with a fresh market campaign and sales approach.

RE/MAX is no stranger to New York City. The company did have an office in the city, but it never got into the swing of things. Getting into the swing of NYC Apartment for rent takes money, talent, and a macho mentality that only the most seasoned real estate brokers possess. Liniger knows he needs a management team that can handle the intense details that making million dollars sales requires.

In the last five years, four real estate companies have set up shop to test their sales skills in New York City. BOND New York, Keller Williams New York, Rutenberg Reality and Town Residential have dug their feet into the fertile soil of the New York real estate market, and they have made progress. Town Residential decided to focus on the luxury market, and that strategy has paid off for Andrew Heiberger, the founder of the six-year-old agency. Heiberger knew being a small fish in the gigantic pond of New York real estate wasn’t going to work, so he hired a team of high-end brokers, and the team has developed an impressive list of luxury listings in Brooklyn as well as in Manhattan.

New York isn’t a discount market, according to Mr. Heiberger and the average sale price, last year verifies that statement. Town Residential uses a neighborhood approach when it comes to getting new listings. Town Residential would love to have an office in every neighbor. That might happen if Heiberger gets his way, according to a recent Real Estate Weekly article.