Jose Neto Leads JHSF, a renowned Real Estate Firm in Brazil

The real estate sector is quite enticing. Nevertheless, there is always that company which is always one step ahead of its competitors. Well, as for Brazil, JHSF is among the leading companies dealing in real estate. The company has been around for more than four decades. Another point to note is that the company is family based and it has been able to prosper more and more since the day it was founded. At the moment, the real estate company is dealing with the construction of various facilities such as hotels among other forms of property.

JHSF is founded

JHSF was founded in the year 1972 by Fabio Auriemo Neto and Jose Auriemo Neto. The company has been up and running in a steady manner since the day the two brothers founded it. As much as business was running smoothly, the two brothers decided to part ways afterwards. Well, the dispute led to the brothers parting ways, and they decided to come up with another entity that came to be known as JHSJ. Eventually, Jose Auriemo Neto took JHSF.

About the Leadership of JHSF

As for JHSF, Jose Auriemo Neto serves as the chief executive officer of the company. Under his leadership, the company has been able to prosper exceptionally since the firm has been able to apply diversification when it comes to the various projects that they deal in. Among the projects that JHSF has worked on under the reign of Jose Auriemo Neto are such as malls in areas such as Miami and Mexico City. By working hand in hand with visionary individuals, Jose Auriemo Neto has been able to guarantee the growth and success of JHSF in a stable manner. To know more about him click here.


Well, in business, it is good to be a visionary person. As for Jose Auriemo Neto, even after the dispute with his brother which led to them parting ways, under his leadership, JHSF has been able to register a great track record. As a real estate company dealing with high-end clients, the portfolio of JHSF has been an admirable one, thanks to the CEO of the company Jose Auriemo Neto.

JHSF is Growing Substantially under the Watch of Jose AuriemoNeto

The real estate market across the globe has been stagnant for the last few years due to the economic slowdown globally. However, the real estate sector has been booming lately as the economic situation across the globe is pacing up, slowly but surely. In developing countries like Brazil, the economic progress has been tremendous in the last few years, and it has also positively impacted the growth of the infrastructure in the country. The real estate companies in Brazil have also played a pivotal role in the development of the modern real estate landscape in the country.

One of the real estate businesses in this regard that is worthy of mention is JHSF. It is one of the oldest real estate companies in Brazil and was set up in the year 1972. The company has developed hundreds of residential and commercial properties over the years, and its expertise lies in building modern and luxurious residential apartments. The company ropes in international architectural design companies to design and develop the projects it undertakes to ensure the result is unique, attractive, and of international standards. JHSF has witnessed massive growth in the past few years, especially after Jose AuriemoNeto became the company’s President.

He helped make some strategic modification in the business machinery of JHSF that proved to be effective and assisted in getting positive results for the enterprise. JHSF for years has been a company that provides quality oriented real estate units, whether it is residential complexes or commercial properties, like shopping centers, airports, hotels, and more. Jose AuriemoNeto has roped in experts from around the world to carry out the projects the company has undertaken to ensure there are no compromises in the results JHSF gets in its projects.

Jose AuriemoNeto is presently based in New York along with the family, especially to oversee the company’s operations overseas. There is also a very high-value project under development on the Fifth Avenue in New York, which Jose AuriemoNeto is personally supervising. He plans to rent out the residential apartment that is being constructed in New York in order to retain control over the property, while continuing to yield returns from it in the form of rent.

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Roberto Santiago: The Man Behind One Of Brazil’s Premier Malls

Roberto Santiago is a man with a vision. An entrepreneur from Brazil, Roberto has redefined fun and entertainment in Brazil by starting up one of the most famous and iconic malls in all of Brazil.

The Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall in João Pessoa, Brazil has become the hub of entertainment and fun in Brazil. The in Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall was started keeping in mind an incredibly detailed and well-planned execution to set a standard for malls all over Brazil.

Roberto Santiago built the with a view to provide its customers with a unique fun experience. Staying true to Robert’s business values, the Manaíra Shopping Mall believes in giving its customers exactly what they would expect from a mall of such grandeur. Patrons of the mall are given the highest priority to keep up with the high customer satisfaction standards the mall has in place. The Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall first opened its doors in 2013 to the general public and had been experiencing a flourishing business ever since. The primary focus of the mall is to give families a genuinely entertaining experience by offering them a huge array of services to spend their leisure time at.

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Robert aims to make family time more fun than it has ever been. With the Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall, families can experience the thrill of the latest blockbusters on any one of the eleven mega screens, which also include a VIP section for that superior theater viewing experience.

The mall has a wide variety of stores for fashion lovers to swoon over. Ranging from high-end brands to local artisans, the mall has some stores for shoppers looking to divulge into any style and any product they would like. The mall offers an amazing shopping experience and is known to be one of the premier shopping destinations in Brazil.

In addition to the entertainment, the mall offers a wide pallet of restaurants to satisfy any food taste. The mall has a unique ‘Gourmet Space’ which offers customers a chance to indulge in some of the best dishes that Brazil has to offer while enjoying a rather calming dining experience.

The Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall doesn’t just stop there when it comes to the amount of fun and entertainment it has to offer. The mall has an amusement park within its complex with a range of ride for different ages – right from children to adults, there’s something for everyone. The mall also has a bowling alley in which patrons can unwind and have some good old-fashioned family time fun!

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Turning Fortunes For Real Estate Agents

Greg Hague does not believe that the current methods being used by real estate agents to sell houses are effective. He wonders why this ineffective method is still in use,seventy five years later, given that there are simpler strategies like those used by Amazon and Apple which are more effective. And he should know, for he has vast knowledge in the industry having been in the business for thirty five years. Apart from working in real estate, he is also an entrepreneur, attorney, professor, and author and also runs a business with Harvey Mackay, author of the bestseller Swim with the Sharks. According to Greg, real estate agents have been working on the hope that a buyer will come along. He seeks to change this through his real estate coaching company known as Real Estate Mavericks.

Real Estate Mavericks teaches agents how to get sellers in twenty nine days as well as a twenty two step home launch formula. The program teaches one how to create anticipation before putting the house on the market by making other agents aware of a new desirable home. These agents then inform potential buyers. Consequently, there is buyer curiosity and demand is pushed up. After creating this type of anticipation, potential buyers are privately shown houses. This builds up a fear of losing out in the buyer which makes them more willing to pay a higher price.

Real Estate Mavericks promises a program participant that they will be able to sell fifty houses in fifty weeks after taking the course. According to Forbes, this program is not crash course but a very comprehensive program set to propel any real estate agent to their desired success.

Greg, through Real Estate Mavericks also teaches agents not to put a house on the market before creating anticipation. According to Greg, the time a house stays on the market, is a major factor that determines whether a house will be sold and at what price. If a house is on the market for a long time, buyers begin to make assumptions about it. He also finds fault with how MLS shares with buyers how long a house has been on the market, attributing this to the low prices some houses fetch. Hence, he advises real estate agents not to put up a house on MLS before creating anticipation and applying the home launch sequence.

He is a big advocate of home sellers. He aims to change the rules of residential real estate in 2016. Hence, Real Estate Mavericks has introduced a course tailored to teach home sellers how to get maximum price. This is a ninety day program and at the end of it, one gets a top dollar agent certification. He promises to equip these agents with excellent negotiation skills. However, the selected agents must not represent buyers. This program is set to be good news to home sellers seeing as the prices of homes have increased in 2015. Also, the number of houses on the market declined by five percent in 2015 compared to the previous year. Hence, applying Greg’s new technique might just make all the difference to a home seller.

Importance of Coaching and Training Your Real Estate Agents

Culture without great coaching does not work; neither is great coaching without culture. Despite the fact that agents can love their company and their working environment, but if they are not able to make real money, they leave the company. This place burden and responsibility of teaching, coaching and developing agents to managers and company owners. Coaching agents should not only be geared to help agents meet their goals but to exceed their expectation. This creates positive working environment while agents become more productive, loyal and attract more agents. Maverick is a real estate company specialized in agents coaching.


While typical real estate companies focus on transactional sales, Real Estate Mavericks is a leading company that focuses on establishing a supportive community of dynamic real estate investors. Mavericks invest in a long-term relationship with their clients through coaching and their business runs on repeated business due to satisfied customers. The company has world leading real estate coach; Greg Hague, who has trained over 10, 000 top real estate agents in America and a former Dale Carnegie master negotiator and instructor. Among coaching package include:


Whenever agents try to do many things at once, they get frustrated and end up working on none them. The sense of accomplishment derived from focusing on few things at a time drives agents to work hard. The outcome is that they are happier and build their business faster. Further, it has been found out that by helping agents to focus, enable them to be willing to help others thus making everyone in a company productive.


Mastermind group coaching develops greatest positive culture. It is done with 12 agents per group, and each agent is required to have accountability partner whom they share ideas and turn in a weekly schedule. Through sharing ideas, encouraging one another, talking about issues they are experiencing in the market energizes agents, and they walk away with a positive mindset. In addition, to knowing each other which enable them to work together, the bond prepare them to handle emerging issues while focusing on building their business. The mastermind groups coaching are designed to take away business from other competitors in the market, but not from each other.


Coaching is also conducted as a prospective class that lasts from six to eight weeks. Also, agents are required to have an accountability partner and together they are required to complete specific prospecting activities on a weekly basis. The class aim to help agents overcome their fears, mental obstacles and encourage them to go beyond their comfort zones. Agents share what they are doing in groups and with the help of top producers and speaker’s who shares various ways of prospecting, besides role-playing what agents do with buyers and sellers. From the class, agents learn how to be motivated by each other success and have a friendly competition that enables them to view their colleges as respected friends. This positive energy transmits throughout the whole office and leaves everyone as part of the great winning team.


Maverick has proven capacity to help real estate agents accelerate their wealth building velocity through providing access to educational resources on real estate investing, providing opportunities to interact with other real estate investors, providing real estate updates and market analysis. Further, Maverick provides specific tailored personalized service that include identification of right investment and private phone consultations to understand client real estate investment goals.