Premium Dog Food Rises In Popularity

Good food does a body good. A steady supply of the right nutrients are going to help a dog live a healthier life. Yes, dogs do need access to a very good diet in order to feel and be healthy. This is why premium brand dog foods are doing so well. An article published in the Daily Herald notes that premium dog food sales are doing tremendously well. Quality is the key to this sales success.

“Savory Rice and Lamb Stew” is something a person would expect to see on the menu at a gourmet restaurant. Maybe so, and it is also a wet food offered by Beneful brand. Beneful also has “Roasted Chicken” and “Roasted Turkey” available. Dog lovers wanting to make sure their pets get the proper serving of protein are going to be attracted to these selections.

As the Daily Herald notes, a lot of dog lovers are becoming more familiar with premium brands. Not too long ago, premium foods were a niche market in the $23.7 billion pet food industry. Cost, limited distribution, and lack of familiarity among owners did not exactly help sales figures. Today, premium brands of dog food have experienced an explosion in sales figures. Premium brands not bask in $10+ billion in annual sales.

Again, quality is a major reason for the increase in sales. Premium brands cook a lot of their dog food in manner than exceeds how many restaurants serve people food. Only selections high in quality are cooked at plants manufacturing gourmet dog foods. After the exquisite cooking process is performed, taste testing is employed. This further ensures the dog food remains at premium level.

It is also worth noting that protein is not the only beneficial food source in these foods. Beneful provides a host of carbohydrates in the form of pasta, vegetables, and fruits in their selections. Consider the presence of these ingredients as Beneful’s way of delivering a well-rounded diet.

Anyone interested in switching over to premium dog foods can rejoice. They are now available in numerous retail stores. Searching is no longer necessary.