Rocketship Education Is Defended By Parents And Journalists

Charter schools have been making headlines lately as many of them do not provide the quality of education that they promise. Unfortunately, high performing schools like those in the Rocketship Education system are sometimes getting caught in the crossfire and are the subject of biased and inaccurate reporting from news agencies such as NPR. While the technocentric education methods from Rocketship Education are showing great results in the form of high test scores, some people still question how good of an education the children in their schools are receiving.

While the piece that was recently featured on NPR may have some valid questions, it is not being presented in a balanced way that truly shows the breadth of the practices of the highly accomplished educational system known as Rocketship Education. This is because many of the “facts” reported are not presented in a way that shows their context along with other issues. Some journalists point out that the biased piece fails to compare the charter schools to the public institutions that are in the same neighborhoods.

While the NPR piece admits that the students perform well, it criticizes the practices in the school. Specifically, the heavy use of technology in their curriculum. Many of the issues that they brought up about Rocketship Education are present in public schools around the country, but the piece failed to mention this and instead made it seem like something that is only present in their system. They also refer to Rocketship Education as a “company”, which is something that is not usually done for non-profit organizations such as Rocketship.

Rocketship Education has been providing an alternative from public schools for children since 2006. Their headquarters is out of San Francisco but they serve several under-privileged communities across the country. In order to ensure the best education for the children attending their schools, Rocketship Education encourages parents to be involved with their education. Each child attending one of their facilities is given an individualized education plan that is created to fit their needs and help them achieve a success that will last a lifetime.

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In Pursuit of Greatness: The Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University has grown into a fashion mecca. The school has produced a wide range of talent that span across distinct borders, including fashion, communications, liberal arts and entertainment. Some of its most celebrated students included are Raven Symone, Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad. Thanks to its extensive growth over the years, this university now offers online courses as well as portfolio development programs. Of course, these programs are in addition to the school’s graduate and undergraduate degrees. The possibilities are literally endless. The Academy of Art University is a Division II school, and it’s a member of the Pacific West Conference.

When it comes to developing and producing talent in the field of fashion design, few fashion design school’s can outperform AAU. Constructing the styles of tomorrow is one of its main goals. By doing so, the Academy of Art University has invested into its future by purchasing an abundance of technological advancements. These cutting-edge tools are designed to propel the students in the right direction. The school has done so well to where it has appeared at New York Fashion Week for 21 straight times. That’s right! New York Fashion Week is the cream-of-the-crop, especially when it comes to fashion shows. Thousands of people attend this event every year and 2017 was no different. Academy of Art University put together a well-thought-out plan. Some of the school’s past MFA and BFA graduates put their ideas together and released 10 fashionwear lines.

Some of its past graduates, include Dina Marie Lam, Jelly Shan, Ryan Yu, Cana Klebanoff and Joanna Jadallah. Simon Ungless, executive director for the school of fashion, stated that “each collection has an individual spirit.” This notion rings true on every level because the Academy of Art University has a distinct student-base thanks to its diversity.