OSI Group Wins The Prestigious 2016 Globe Honor Award

OSI Food Solutions UK was the winner of the revered 2016 Globe of Honor Award. The British Safety Council presented the company with the prestigious award on November 25, 2016 for its outstanding efforts in managing environmental risks. The award ceremony was held at Drapers’ Hall, which is based in London.

According to the British Safety Council, OSI Group was one of the 18 organizations from across the globe that was presented with the award. All these entities had a rating of five stars based on the council’s environmental management audit scheme. Five stars is the highest rating that an organization can get. It signifies excellence. The council conducted the audit between august 2015 and July 2016. The entity’s experts reviewed all the aspects of business operation, from shop floor to the organizations’ boardroom.

While announcing OSI Group as the winner, Lynda Armstrong Obe congratulated the company for its efforts in enhancing environmental protection in all its business activities. The chair of the British Safety Council was also pleased with how organizations were paying more attention to environmental protection and readjusting their operations to make them more sustainable.

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Kelly Grimwood received the award on behalf of OSI Group. Kelly is OSI’s environmental manager in Europe. In his acceptance speech, the environmental expert noted the importance of leadership in achieving excellence in environmental protection. He added that the development of legislation is not enough in ensuring business operations are sustainable. In addition, he posited that the leadership determines the success or failure of the environmental protection efforts.

OSI Food Solutions UK is a subsidiary of OSI Group. OSI Group owns dozens of subsidiaries around the world. The company produces added-protein products that they supply to their clients. In the recent years, OSI has embarked on expanding its network of processing facilities.

To this end, they have made several acquisitions such as the recent purchase of Baho Food. The Dutch company produces deli meats, and convenience foods. Through such acquisitions, OSI Group has been able to widen its portfolio of brands and products.