The Revival Of Men’s Fashion

An article from the Business Insider analyzes and specultes as to why it is that men have started dressing better. It does not seem that long ago that men who cared about their appearance were ridiculed. Now, men who exude a superior fashion sense are noted as manly and sophisticated. Could this be simply a swing in trends? Analysts say no. They believe that it is the work of online shopping that has changed the way mens fashion is currently percieved. Men have stereotypically been against storefront shopping because of lines and merchandise hassle. Whatever the reason, the online fashion market has opened up a world of mens fashion and accessories that were formerly unheard of. There are sites dedicated to all kinds of fashion merchandise, including men’s shoes. For more details on the original article please visit

Men’s leather shoes use to be inconsequential. Men of the not so distant past didn’t care about the hygiene of their bodies, let alone the fashion statement that their shoes made. Now men are paying attention on what styles are trending and doing research on what styles are likely to remain classics. At the forefront of this fashion awakening is Paul Evans, a shoe company that specializes in extremely high quality, sophisticate and elegant men’s footwear.

Each pair of Paul Evan’s shoes is a work of art. Not only will these carefully handcrafted shoes make a statement, their style is timeless. Since Paul Evans only uses the finest materials, such as Italian leather, their style is not the only thing that is timeless. The made-to-last design assures that each pair is sophisticated, stylish, and sturdy. Formal shoes are not the only thing that Paul Evans is known for, anymore. They also make handcrafted sneakers and driving shoes for those who want to remain casual and still maintain their sense of style and sophistication.

Long gone are the days where men were criticized for caring about fashion and hygiene. Now men can freely explore avenues of fashion and expression through online shopping. We can all thank the modern convenience of the internet for the surge in fashion sensability among men. But we can thank fashion contributors and trend setters like Paul Evans for making sure that there is plenty of quality fashion to choose from.