Handy Soars Higher in Online Cleaning Services and Delivery

Growth has been unmatched for a home cleaning service firm Handy.com. Established in New York in 2012, the company continues to expand it frontiers currently reaching 28 cities in the world. The company’s core business is connecting clients seeking cleaning service, to top notch cleaners, dong at a foreseeable low price. In addition, the company also offers plumbing, handyman and repairs services for electrical. Prior to their hiring, Handy, thoroughly scrutinizes potential employees to guarantee competence and trustworthiness. Under 60 seconds, customers can place a booking using the company’s app. This has popularized it use by clients and employees, attracting even more would be customers. There is a 100% guaranteed refund for unsatisfied customers. Handy’s earning were way over $1 million per week in bookings, only two years after it started its operations. At a record of at least $ 15 hour, Handy’s employees join the best paid in the sector. The company’s services were extended to reach the West Coast upon acquisition of San Francisco- based Exec, in 2014.

While in Budapest working as a real estate developer, Handy’s cofounder, Hanharan, could not easily locate affordable and quality cleaners when required them, and hence he resolved to solve the problem. It was at Harvard Business School where Hanharan would meet Umang Dua, Handy’s cofounder. The two later on started a company in New York targeting households that required cleaning services. The company aimed at making it easy for anyone around the globe to access cleaning services given their busy lives.

This venture would prove worth their while in very short period. In less than two years, the firms run rate rose to over $52million form just $ 3million. By the last quarter of 2015, the firm had acquired more than $64million all geared up to widen its array of services into delivery services with Hand Delivery. Handy’s prospects remains bright cutthroat competition in the industry notwithstanding.