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You know those cop shows we all adore? The ones with the sarcastic tech genius who taps away on the computer and magically pulls facts out of thin air about the suspect they’re investigating? Would it shock you if I said that things don’t actually work that way? That the process of investigating a case is much more complex than it appears on the silver screen? Thankfully with new advancements in technology becoming available faster than we can blink, it seems that our brave men and women in blue are not being left out of the loop!
Securus Technologies, the most reliable provider in civil and criminal justice technology solutions has announced the release of their latest innovation THREADS 3.1. Securus focuses mainly on public safety, corrections, investigation and monitoring, so it is their hope that THREADS a fully integrated “Big Data” analytical tool will prove a key component in aiding current and future investigations more efficiently than the current program being used. review about Securus Technologies, says it is committed to a wide range of services within the government. Be it emergency response, investigation or even information management, Securus has shown themselves the most credible source for technology within the criminal justice system. They pride themselves in their dedication to serve and protect through providing quality civil and criminal justice technology solutions.

While many say that it is no more than a giant upgrade, it is certainly an upgrade worth getting excited about. Allowing the user access to the latest in web based technology as well as streamlining the time it takes to load documents. With a faster more user friendly interface, this system will require much less training and allow investigators a great deal less hassle as they pursue their suspect. THREADS 3.1 has many other admirable new features that will truly prove an asset to criminal investigations. To name a few users can enjoy guided real-time analysis, context-sensitive reports and even customized mapping and printing.

To say that Securus Technologies is ahead of its time would certainly be correct. With their dedication to produce a quality product and the passion to see justice done, we can count on Securus Technologies to continue being the leading provider for our civil and criminal justice system.

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