James Dondero: Argentina’s Main Hope

Highland Capital is a major global investment firm. James Dondero is one of its Co-founders. This company invests in anything that will bring them together for the greater good. To them, it is not just about money. Dondero knows a good investment when he spots one and Argentina is on that list.

Unlike other parts of Latin America, Argentina is not ruled under corruption and scandal. Their President Mauricio Macri wanted to change things around to financially help his country’s economy. By changing outdated policies and other irregularities Argentina has become the third largest economy in the world. James Dondero was a part of that because he had his eye on this country for quite some time. Even his analyst at Highland Capital, Mauro Staltari agreed that it was Argentina’s time to shine. This country has pretty much beaten out all of its predecessors as one of the global leaders when it comes to investments. By raising $16.5 billion in a short amount of time Argentina showed that it would be an unstoppable force and gained the respect of all of the global players, including America. Visit Patch.com to know more about James.

Most of the people are educated in this country. They believe in taking learning seriously. Learning how to call in their debt for the purposes of investments so that their country and grow financially and stay at one of the top spots has always been Argentina’ goal. They definitely accomplished that, no thanks to Dondero. He sent our two different teams to help everyone to stay stable as it pertained to their livelihood. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

Dondero did spot a good investment and he helped to make Argentina become the right one. As long as he continues to make the right calls, his company will be there to fulfill their duties of helping out.

Visit: https://www.highlandfunds.com/james-dondero/

The Expansion of OSI Group

One usually hears the saying, “You can’t climb the ladder with your hands in your pockets”. Most people hear this saying and others throughout their lives; however, few feel as though they are successfully climbing. There are few people in the world that are considered “To have reached the top”. And those people are celebrities, public figures, politicians and other people relative to that nature. OSI Group is not a name commonly heard and yet, the story of this company: OSI’s story is the perfect story about starting small and growing until an impact is made internationally.
It is clear that the story begins in the early 20th century in Chicago, Illinois. OSI Group was at the time a small butcher shop… a dream that would completely change.
The change started in 1940 when Ray Kroc partnered with Otto & Sons (OSI Group’s name at the time). Otto & Sons took this opportunity with McDonald’s to be first supplier delivering ground beef. This may seem like a minuscule detail but at the time, the meet was delivered freshly cut and there was no other way to receive it.
As everything in life grows, more is expected and once Ray Kroc bought the company: McDonald’s, Otto & Sons was about to grow also. Otto & Sons was now about to be the supplier of every McDonalds opened at the time and all future stores. Their name was then changed to OSI to coordinate with the new global demand. But the company name was not the only thing to change.
“To be in denial about change is futile. Adapting to change ensures our future. Quickly adapting to change gives us a competitive advantage over those who do not,” said by McDonald himself. It may have occurred that fresh meat delivered globally probably was not the greatest idea. And so OSI would start flash freezing their food which meant the food goes through a cryogenic food process. This allowed OSI to help McDonald’s create a consistent product.
As the article, “David McDonald: From Iowa Farm to a Global Leadership Position” says, “OSI has continued its steady march of growth”. OSI Group has business with McDonald’s, Baho Food, Flagship Europe, and the company that owns Tyson Foods. OSI Group has climbed the ladder and though the company has reached the top, OSI Group will continue to climb.

Get the best deal with Infinity Group Australia

The financial brokerage industry has traditionally been dominated by companies whose primary aim is to make profits. Some even go to the extent of exploiting their customers and making them have a bad experience with them. However, a company known as Infinity Group Australia has come to change the industry and the dynamics of their approach. It has come with a unique model, and the primary aim of their model is to help employees understand the financial industry and achieve their financial freedom. Today it is ranked among the best firms, and since it entered the market, it has attracted a lot of customers who want to get a better deal. The company has also been helping young couples who are financially strained because of not being able to manage their financial debts. Infinity Group Australia reviews on the internet shows happy customers who have experienced amazing results after working with the company.


Who is the man who came with this successful idea? Graeme Holm is known for his deep thoughts to come up with one of the best models in the financial sector. The best thing with Graeme Holm is that he had been working for various financial brokerage firms and acquired a lot of experience in running a company. However, for him, Graeme was not happy with the kind of services given to customers because he saw most of the deals where not the best and clients would end up struggling to repay loans. He gained a lot of experience and knowledge working in the financial sector, and today he is one of the best financial advisors with years of experience. He has also been recognized for his outstanding performance.


After seeing what customers were going through in the hands of most of the financial brokers, he set out to start a company that would offer unique services. He first spent months researching to know the problems faced by most of the Australian families. He decided to use the model where personal trainers assist customers. The trainers understand to first the financial issues faced by their customers, and from there they can help them in the best way possible.


Allocation of personal trainers has been working, and the company has attracted a lot of customers since they started offering financial services. They have used the best strategy that makes the company unique in the market. Get the best deal with Infinity Group Australia. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/infinity-group-australia


Marketing Professional, Krishen Iyer

Mr. Iyer is currently a partner at Managed Benefits, which is a company that was previously known as Quick Link Marketing. The firm provides a suite of online marketing services that include connecting clients with lead-generation firms that can direct traffic to the client’s web pages. Krishen Iyer handles a variety of tasks at Quick Link Marketing which is now known as Managed Benefits Services. They include client relations, technical marketing development, and advertising knowledge.


Krishen Iyer attended both Grossmont College and then San Diego State University. He is a graduate of the public administration and urban development program at San Diego State. When Iyer is not working, he likes to help his local community through local cleanup efforts. He also sponsors disaster relief efforts abroad in places like Haiti.


Ideamensch Interview Highlights


Ideamensch began the interview with Krishen Iyer by asking him where the idea from Quick Link Marketing came from. Quick Link Marketing was designed to fulfill a niche demand in the advertising space says Krishen. He realized there was a demand for many companies for specialized advertising services. A link was missing to connect people in need of lead generation with the lead generation firms. Quick Link Marketing was formed to provide that link between the client and lead generation company.


Ideamensch then asked Mr. Iyer what his typical workday looks like and how he makes it productive. Krishen says that his workday involves doing three primary tasks. They are client interaction, technical development, and marketing. To ensure productivity at his job, Krishen states that he focuses the first part of his day on client interaction. This then lets him concentrate on doing technical development and marketing for the client that he has just interacted with.


Good client interface sets the stage for successful technology development and marketing strategy says, Iyer. It allows him to focus on exactly what his clients need and want. This makes his job easier and more productive.


Discovering The Best Attractions Around The Fagali’I Airport On Upolu Island

There are many prominent places to explore in the Samoan archipelago. The most popular is Apia near the Fagali village. This place has so much to offer in terms of entertainment and relaxation.

Water Activities To Enjoy

Visitors can also enjoy scuba diving offered on the Fagali coast with trained instructors who will supervise the diving activities. Explore the underwater habitat safely while uncovering hidden gems in the Coral Sea according to wikipedia.org. Dance with the exotic fish and swim next to many turtle species, while observing the plankton, rocks, and plants on the sea floor. After a day of underwater exploration, it is time to relax on the comfortable sandy beaches while absorbing the sun rays and looking out at the beautiful crystal-clear waters.

Read more on tripadvisor.com.b

The Samoan Cultural Village Experience

The next attraction on the list is the Samoan Cultural Village where visitors can learn about the history of the Samoan culture and ancient traditions covering the intricate value systems, basketmaking, and woodworking.

The Fagali’I Airport

Visitors can get access to these attractions and more by flying into the Fagali’I Airport. There are many resorts and hotels in the area located within a 20-minute drive.

This single-terminal airport had a grass strip in the past, but was later paved with asphalt when it reopened in 2009 according to tripadvisor.com. The Fagali Airport got shut down in 2005 because of complaints from local villagers about the loud noises and possible pollution. However, after much negotiation between the Polynesian Airlines, the company that owns this airport, and the Samoan government, the agreement was in place to resume service.

Tourists report enjoying adventurous flights on the DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft on Samoan Airways descending among the tropical rainforest teaming with life. Fagali is the second busiest airport on the island, located approximately two miles from downtown Apia. Visitors can take taxis and buses that are readily available from the terminal to their destinations.

What better way to explore Apia than through the Fagali Airport?

Learn more about Fagali Airport: https://www.cheapflights.com/flights-to-Fagalii/.

Upwork’s To-Do List Tips

Upwork is a marketplace in which freelance professionals have access to clients who are looking for skilled workers in various fields to complete desired projects. It is a way to connect freelancers with employers in fields, including graphic design, web development, and customer service, to give the workers a chance to add to their portfolios in establishing their careers.

Recently, Upwork published a blog outlining 10 tips to help one have an easy time completing a to-do list. The first recommendation is to write down all tasks that need to be completed so that the brain has the ability to focus on a task at hand instead of having to remember all of the tasks by memory. It is also important to prepare the list in advance, preferably the night before, of completing the tasks so that one may decide what the most important task is. Then the task can be completed in the morning when one’s energy is the highest.

The blog recommends putting all of the tasks in a single place, such as a special folder on an iPhone, so that all items on the list can be viewed on a single page. Additionally, it is important to give every task time attributes that will indicate when the task will be started, what time it will be worked on, and how long it is intended to take to complete. Prioritizing is also important because it gives the most important tasks on the to-do list the best chance of being completed even in the cases of unexpected emergencies that may hinder the possible completion of tasks on the list.

Re-evaluating tasks will give the most important tasks a better chance of timely completions because the least important tasks may be deleted if they are not necessary. The blog also recommends using Click Up, which allows workers to delegate tasks using their Assigned Comments Feature.

Moreover, creating subtasks for the tasks will help relieve stress by making a large task seem less overwhelming if it is divided into more manageable pieces. Using a batch process will also make the process more efficient because it will allow a recurring task, such as making phone calls, to be bundled together to save time.

Finally, it is important to realize that some tasks will require more effort than others. Therefore, completing the most difficult tasks when one’s energy level is the highest, which is usually in the morning, will allow productivity based on one’s energy levels. The to-do list advice also applies to completing tasks in the workforce.

When it comes to Upwork, both the freelance worker and employer have the ability to rate each other based on their experiences doing business together. If the freelancer did a sufficient job at completing the tasks that the employer had asked for, then they are likely to receive a high rating. Likewise, if an employer provides reasonable work requests and reliable payments, then they are also likely to receive a high rating.

Find out more about Upwork: https://twitter.com/upwork

Jose Neto Leads JHSF, a renowned Real Estate Firm in Brazil

The real estate sector is quite enticing. Nevertheless, there is always that company which is always one step ahead of its competitors. Well, as for Brazil, JHSF is among the leading companies dealing in real estate. The company has been around for more than four decades. Another point to note is that the company is family based and it has been able to prosper more and more since the day it was founded. At the moment, the real estate company is dealing with the construction of various facilities such as hotels among other forms of property.

JHSF is founded

JHSF was founded in the year 1972 by Fabio Auriemo Neto and Jose Auriemo Neto. The company has been up and running in a steady manner since the day the two brothers founded it. As much as business was running smoothly, the two brothers decided to part ways afterwards. Well, the dispute led to the brothers parting ways, and they decided to come up with another entity that came to be known as JHSJ. Eventually, Jose Auriemo Neto took JHSF.

About the Leadership of JHSF

As for JHSF, Jose Auriemo Neto serves as the chief executive officer of the company. Under his leadership, the company has been able to prosper exceptionally since the firm has been able to apply diversification when it comes to the various projects that they deal in. Among the projects that JHSF has worked on under the reign of Jose Auriemo Neto are such as malls in areas such as Miami and Mexico City. By working hand in hand with visionary individuals, Jose Auriemo Neto has been able to guarantee the growth and success of JHSF in a stable manner. To know more about him click here.


Well, in business, it is good to be a visionary person. As for Jose Auriemo Neto, even after the dispute with his brother which led to them parting ways, under his leadership, JHSF has been able to register a great track record. As a real estate company dealing with high-end clients, the portfolio of JHSF has been an admirable one, thanks to the CEO of the company Jose Auriemo Neto.

How Wall Street Expert Paul Mampilly Empowers the Individual Investor

Many average investors seek to get the investment performance claimed by many Wall Street executives. Now, one of those Wall Street experts is helping main street investors find opportunities in the market. That expert, Paul Mampilly, has developed a sizable following in the investment community.

So who exactly is Paul Mampilly? Well, Mr. Mampilly had a decade long career on Wall Street from the 1990s to the early 2000s. Mr. Mampilly found success after success helping billion dollar companies realize enormous profits. However, Mr. Mampilly found his true calling in helping the everyday investor. So in the early 2000s, Mr. Mampilly retired from the Wall Street grind and decided to share his investment wisdom with the masses.

Today, Paul Mampilly is one of the most popular and most widely-read experts at Bayan Hill Publishing. Over 90,000 people rely on Mr. Mampilly’s investment wisdom to guide them through the market. In addition to his newsletter insights, Mr. Mampilly also makes himself available for interviews for various investment and financial outlets.

In a recent interview with Enterprise Radio, Mr. Mampilly talked about what inspired him to trade Wall Street for Main Street. During the interview, Mr. Mampilly said that he was upset with seeing the expensive mistakes novice investors made with their trades. So the former Wall Street executive felt the need to help people learn to trade the right way. Mr. Mampilly also talked about how he wanted to demystify the markets so the average investor would become less intimidated with the trading process.

In another interview with Inspirery, Paul Mampilly talked about his excitement for the recent IPO of the streaming music service Spoify. Mr. Mampilly mentioned that he liked Spotify’s subscription model because it makes the company’s cash flow extremely predictable. Also, Mr. Mampilly felt that Spotify’s ability to adapt and learn a customer’s music taste will make it an invaluable app for millions of music lovers.

Paul Mampilly began his career as assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. He later managed the hedge fund for Kinetics Asset Management. Today, Mr. Mampilly is a Senior Editor at Banyan Hall Publishing. Mr. Mampilly’s newsletters are read by an audience of 90,000 individual investors.

OSI Group Global Rise

OSI group has become one of the most worldwide food providers in recent time, and it has made a significant development since its invention. Due to its development growth, which is visible and its market growth value, it has become the envy of various business in the same category, with offers of partnership from different parties. OSI group came up with the technology which they used to freeze up their products and consequently led to cost reduction and the expansion growth of food processing worldwide.

The company’s growth in the United States led to a partnership with the nation pizza company, and they later opened a company in Chicago where they were dealing with the processing of sausages, bacon, and hotdogs. Globally, expansion of the company has led to the opening of another franchise in India, where the food processing markets were allocated in Punjab and Bangalore in India.

The establishment of another franchise of poultry and beef in Germany which was allocated in Gunzburg-Denzigen was to provide the group with the distribution of food products to its markets globally. This helped the company to rise and not face challenges of food distribution globally and direct to its market. This also facilitated to the opening of regional offices in Germany.OSI group established separate joint ventures in German with the supermarket chains.

Its global development led to the company winning awards because of their exemplary efforts. The productivity of foods made the company a more popular food processing enterprise. Besides processing of meat, the company opened a processing plant in Riverside, California for the production of salsa and beans. As a result of the company’s expansion, a processing plant was opened for the production of vegetable to the restaurants.

The OSI group built some facilities which helped them in the development of quality products for their partnering clients as it is the role of the OSI group. The company’s global development has boosted the economy and improve meat production in various countries which they are in partnership with. It has also built trust in them while creating an interest in doing yearly business with them.

Their LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/osi-industries

Walmart Planning To Enter The Streaming Market?

One of the latest rumors going around is the idea that there will soon be another streaming service on the market. Walmart is apparently going to throw its hat in what is already a crowded ring in hopes of taking their slice of the streaming content pie.

It should be noted that this claim has not been accompanied by any official statement from the company. As such, there is no way to verify these rumors. But if the rumors are true, Walmarts new service will seek to undercut the competition by offering services for less than eight dollars a month. This part of the story is not hard to believe because it fits perfectly with Walmart’s business model.

The current giants of the online streaming industry have been accused of shutting out middle America. It is often claimed that their programming is intended mainly for people of an erudite and intellectual sort, while offering nothing for the average middle class American to enjoy. Walmart, by comparison, has gotten rich by marketing mainly to the middle class. As such, you can bet that they will try to appeal to a more middle class conservative demographic. Certainly, this would seem like their best chance at making a place for themselves.

One fact that casts some doubt upon the veracity of this story is the fact that Walmart already owns an online streaming service called Vudu. The rumors that we are hearing could simply end up being nothing more than a reboot for Vudu.

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