The Founding Of Jd.Com By Richard Liu Qiangdong

Mr . Richard Liu Qiangdong is a famous entrepreneur based in China. He is both the Chief Executive Officer and founder of a very prominent electronic commerce platform in China famous as The company provides its services to millions of customers all over the world. Richard Liu was born in Jiangsu province which is located in China. His parents who specialized in the transport of coal by use of ship always advised Richard on being hardworking and giving special attention to education. Despite studying Sociology at the people’s University of China, Richard Liu had the passion for computers and he therefore decoded to train himself on how to code computer programs.

After he was done with his higher education, Richard Liu Qiangdong secured employment with the Japan Life company which dealt with natural supplements. During his time in Japan Life, Richard Liu showcased his special skills in computers and this led to his promotion to become the head of computers in the company. Having a passion in entrepreneurship, Richard Liu decided to start his own company. He started in a small store in Beijing where he was selling magneto-optical products. He devoted himself to offer the customers with excellent and reliable services. The competition from other sellers was very stiff but Richard Liu succeeded by offering only the legitimate products. He also ensured that he won the loyalty of his numerous clients.

Richard Liu Qiangdong transformed his small retail store into a retail store after a period of five years and then branded it Jingdong.  Liu Qiangdong’s business thrived so fast and grew to be very successful. After some time, China experienced the SARS outbreak which brought a big turn over to most retail businesses. Richard Liu’s business overcame the challenge and decided to take a different path. From then he shifted his business to work partially online. He started providing some of his services online but after a period of two years, he started operating fully online. His now fully online platform was named 360Buy Jingdong. The business continued to expand rapidly and had various other venders who joined as partners. This led to the birth of the famous

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Todd Levine Attorney and Successful Entrepreneur

Todd Levine is a founding member and attorney of several law firms and has a clear cognition on handling the many disputes within these law firms.

Levine’s main focus in business disputes deals with real estate and other commercial projects centering around property transactions.

Aside from the law firms he deals with, he has an interest in both artist and scientific research and studies.

The legalities that Todd Levine handles with his business has helped him learn how to use his creative mind to and utilize it in the legal world. The utilization of his creativity has allowed him a deeper understanding of each case he handles. This initial understanding of creativity has allowed him to find the core issues so that he can lay them out in very simple forms that can be easily understood. Levine mentions that the more simple the analysis is the better chance a person has at succeeding.

In an average day of Todd Levine’s life, he travels from place to place. All the traveling he does takes a lot of time, and due to this, he must be willing to take business calls while traveling.

Some advice that Todd Levine mentions for those who want to succeed in entrepreneurship is to study all the details that entail within the given field of profession that a person may be pursuing. Once the knowledge is gained, learning all the sectors of the professions can help one succeed. In addition to this advice, Levine says that to succeed you must love what you do.

Some other advice that Todd Levine mentions is to plan ahead of time and to always be prepared for whatever comes your way.

In addition to preparation, Todd Levine has made the habit to write down detailed plans and outlines of his legal arguments before he commits to using them. This process allows Levine to ensure his ideas are clearly organized and can be easily understood by the legal teams.

Todd Levine proves to be someone who is hard-working and dedicated to his work.

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The great career of Igor Cornelsen, a reliable investment advisor

The man, Igor Cornelsen is one of Brazil’s most reliable investment advisor. He is a retired banker with vast experience in the investment industry. Igor was born in Curitiba, Brazil in the year 1947. After passing meticulously in high school, he enrolled in the University of Parana to pursue a degree course in engineering, and later enrolled for a business degree program in the same university where he graduated as the top student in his class. Soon upon graduation, Igor joined the workforce at Multibanco as an investment banker. Basing on the excellent mathematics skills he had, he quickly scaled up to the position of the CEO in Mutlibanco.

In 1978, Mulitbanco was purchased by the Bank of America, and Igor Cornelsen chose to follow a different path in his career. He wanted to pursue other ventures in the broad world of investment. His first destination was Unibanco, which was a top investment firm in Brazil during those days. His tenure in this bank was short-lived as he moved to Libra Bank, London in 1985. This was a move to explore more opportunities in the investment world in a new country. However, he decided to leave his position in 1995 to start his investment firm.

Ever since starting his investment firm, Igor Cornelsen has been perfecting his skills to offer his clients the best services and excellent advice in this sector. He is the pioneer to several modern investment strategies for investing in damaged stocks while avoiding damaged companies. This is an investment technique that requires great caution and expertise in studying the stock market. Igor has proved this strategy to work on multiple investments. He shares his investment ideologies with investors around the world and mainly advice prospective investors in Brazil’s finance market. He issues crucial tips that guarantee improvement in the performance of investors venturing in different sectors.

Agera Energy Becomes a Leading Retail Supplier for Electricity and Gas.

Choosing a reliable energy provider can be daunting. Nevertheless, with a few tips within your reach, you’re bound to find a supplying company that can quickly meet your needs. It’s essential to have a clear understanding of why you should get your electricity via a supplier and not through a local utility. Not only can the switch be cost-effective in various ways, but also reliable.

If you reside in an area that has deregulated its energy, you’ll realize that there’s a stiff competition between companies that supply power. This often drives the price down. Launched in 2014, Agera Energy seeks to guide you in choosing the right energy supplier for your business or home. The company educates and empowers its customers to make viable energy decisions. For the management, it’s all about the therms. To know more about the company click here.

Since energy is the main expense for a typical homeowner and for businesses that have many customers in underserved areas, Agera Energy saw the chance to be unique by serving clients differently. It also understands that to its competition, a client is a ratepayer. Therefore, to this main retail energy supplier, a client is a consumer who needs to be treated right. That’s where the entire difference begins.

Today, Agera Energy serves 1.8 million contracted customers who the management prides itself in calling a fan base. That’s approximately 500,000 new contracted customers who believe in Agera Energy. The customer base is developing faster than the typical retail energy supplier.

Michael Nierenberg and His Great Contributions in Alternative Asset Industry

Michael Nirenberg is one of the leading executives at the Fortress Investment Group. He has been at the center of the growth and development of this organization that has captured the imagination of many investors around the world. His core skills, energy, competence supplements what others in the same organization bring to the table with the sole aim of seeing the company achieve intended objectives. One of the things that individuals need to understand is that is that as one of the leading experts at Fortress, his star continues to grow.

One of the aspects that can be used to show how he has grown over the last few years is the growth and expansion of Fortress Investment Group. The company, which operates as an alternative investment agency has been able to achieve tremendous growth over the last few years. A huge number of individuals were not expecting Fortress to establish itself in the market after few years of operations. However, the company seems to be dominating the industry while at the same time depicting what should be done.

Michael Nierenberg is the face behind the growth and expansion of Fortress Group. Any growth recorded in the company could not have been achieved without the impact of his efforts. It is worthy to note that Michael Nierenberg is the face behind the revamping strategies seen in the company that mostly focused on enhancing customer services. Fortress Investment Group is the leading alternative investment company that is keen to all the needs of the customers. A considerable number of customers indicate that they have been getting the support they have wanted every time they visit the organization.

Michael Nierenberg is also credited for his daring strategies that involved incorporating technology in the operations of Fortress Group. Fortress was highly known for excellent customer services but it later turned out to be a company that had incorporated advanced technology in all the areas of operations. This means that the company currently uses advanced computer models to calculate trends in the industry, which, in turn, helps it to avoid investing in risky assets. This has helped customers to earn income from their portfolios.

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Neurocore: Brain Training with Successful Results

If you have issues with depression and other mental disorders that can cause your mood to change, seeking out help is very important. There are places that specialize in counseling and various medicines to help you with your condition but you need a better solution. Neurocore will help you while reducing the need for medicine and will get you back on track to living a normal life. Remember, you are never alone in this battle for your mind. There is hope and nothing is lost. You can seem put this company and get real help that will last a while.

Neurocore believes in training the brain to function in its normal state. They have developed technology to help your mind to focus on what it should do you can go on without using any medicine and not taking up your time with counseling. You will have to commit to the sessions and will start to see improvement immediately. Your brain is trainable to function as it should and you want to make sure you can enjoy your days without the negative mound swings that make you miserable. Neurocore is definitely the program you want to try for your mental issues.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Shares Details Of His Very Busy Career

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has been an orthopedic surgeon since the 1980s. He graduated from Brown University in 1979 where he earned a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience. He studied orthopedics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. For his residency, he worked with Dr. David Hamerman and studied cartilage growth. He also volunteered with the Cambodian Relief Committee.

His residency was performed at Montefiore Medical Center. Later on, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum did a fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University and learned how to do adult reconstructive orthopedic surgery. It was also at this university that he specialized in doing knee and hip replacement surgeries. He has since continued his education, such as attending Harvard Business School.

Dr. Ira Kirchenbaum is also an entrepreneur who has built companies outside of the medical industry. His first company was Prodigy Communications which he helped to establish in 1988. He was also a consultant for 24 years for Stryker Corporation. He was once the executive director of orthopedics for Medscape, named BoneHone at the time. This company operated a website that supplied educational material to doctors so that they could keep up with their knowledge base.

From 2000 to 2008 Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum operated in his own practice. He also served in multiple roles at WebMD during this time such as being a message board editor. He now works at BronxCare Health System. He is the chairman of the orthopedics department which he has greatly expanded. Since joining this organization in 2008 he has built a department that can do 1,800 surgeries a year which is eight times more than they could perform in 2008.

In a recent interview, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum was asked about what his typical day looks like. He said that he often gives speeches at medical conferences. He also spends a lot of time developing new treatment system to take care of his patients. Some days are spent performing surgeries while other days are taken up by a lot of meetings. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum says that his mornings tend to be pretty rigid while his afternoons are usually more flexible.

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How Stream Energy is revolutionizing philanthropy through Stream Cares.

Before companies made corporate philanthropy part of their DNA an Energy company out of Dallas, Texas had already been doing it for some time. Stream Energy had realized earlier on that the same people who happened to be their clients were also deserved a helping hand every so often especially when disaster struck. Stream energy realized that even though they could accomplish quite a bit as within the company itself in terms of philanthropy they needed to create a unit entirely dedicated to their philanthropic efforts and this is how stream cares was born.

Stream cares core purpose was to cater to the every growing philanthropic effort that Stream Energy was taking on. The personnel who would run Stream Care were fully dedicated to this effort rather than doing it on a part-time basis an approach that Stream Energy had previously tried and realized that even though they got a lot done they still needed dedicated staff on the same.

Over the years Stream Cares has been able to accomplish a lot. One of their key focus areas has been tackling homelessness in Dallas. By partnering with Hope supply Co, they realized they could achieve much more within a shorter period given the level of expertise and community reach that Hope Supply Co has already attained. The two partners sponsored homeless over a thousand children to the annual splash for hope event. They would cater for their entrance fee and sponsor their meals. This was in addition to all the fun activities that the children would engage in throughout the day. They also visit homeless people and offer them meals, diapers, and other personal effects. For stream Cares, eliminating Homelessness within the Dallas community remains important to them, and they hope that this partnership can continue to grow and eventually part a huge role in achieving the same.

Stream Cares also works extensively with veterans. Through Operation Once in a Lifetime, they have been able to provide moral and financial support to veterans continuously. They arrange for annual events such as the special December lunch where military veterans came together for a day of ribs and fun. Such kinds of events continue to remind them that the community and the country at large is forever grateful for their sacrifice.

Randal Nardone Is Instrumental To The Growth And Operations Of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone has a few different things that he is most known for. Among these is his involvement in the inception of one of the country’s top asset managers, Fortress Investment Group, and without him being a co-founder the company may not have been as successful. These days, he is high up in the group, which is pleased to have him as CEO and Principal. Boston University and the University of Connecticut are both schools which Randal Nardone has attended. He received his bachelor’s from the former and his law degree from the latter. It is interesting to note that Nardone only made the climb to chief executive officer in 2013, which means that he was with Fortress for 15 loyal years, ever since 1998, before finally taking over that role.

In addition to what he does with this organization, Randal Nardone also is Eurocastle Investment’s Director and Alea Group Holdings Bermuda’s Non-Executive Director. He also directs Florida East Coast Holdings Group and Springleaf Finance. Clearly, his experience and financial prowess is in extremely high demand, and this is something that Fortress Investment Group’s members should all take great pride in. Having Nardone leading booming organization is undeniably one of the most lucrative opportunities a finance and investing business could wish for.

Mr. Randal Nardone is a key player in the management of a staggering sum of funds that totals nearly $70 billion when all the different assets are added together. his contributions have been instrumental to the amazing growth experienced by Fortress Investment Group during its recent years of steady operations. Nardone spoke highly of Softbank’s 2017 purchase of his organization for $3.3 billion, and he believes that this acquisition is only positive for the company. He hopes to capitalize on this deal in his management duties and use the new partnership to strengthen Fortress substantially thanks to better resources in terms of credit. With both Randal and Softbank contributing to Fortress Investment Group’s future market growth, the organization likely has some even greater feats in its financial future.

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Everything You Need To Know About Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot Ph.D., MBA, BSN is a renowned healthcare, business strategist, and payment expert who resides in Denver, Colorado. She undertook her Ph.D. at the University of Colorado. She took her degree in nursing at the University of Southern Illinois. She earned her MBA at Loyola University’s Quinlan School of Business located in Chicago. She is a renowned expert in the area of bundled payments and alternative payment models in the healthcare industry.

Deirdre Baggot began her career in 1997 at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital as a resource coordinator and staff nurse as well as the manager of their hospital administration group. After six years, she moved to Ann Arbor and joined the University of Michigan health system as a business analyst as well as an administrative manager. She received an award for outstanding leadership and lean/six sigma certification. Read full interview of Deirdre Baggot at Inspirery

In 2006, Deirdre moved to Denver to become the senior administrator of the cardiac and vascular institute, a subsidiary of SCL Health. She was in charge of 450 people in this post and was responsible for the area such as business development, acquisitions, payer contracting, recruiting and marketing. During her four year stay, she added 11 clinic locations and recruited new employees that turned out to be significant additions to her team.

Using this experience, she garnered a position at GE Health care Partners located in Los Angeles, California. She was assigned the position of senior vice president where she was tasked with the Healthcare Payment System. A particular project of hers resulted in a new payments consulting organization, which grew to earn $6.6 million in revenues annually. Deirdre Baggot has been featured on a number of national public radio shows during her career.

In the duration of her career, she has assisted a number of well-known companies in planning for the design and implementation of value-based payments and was sought by Medicaid to design their approach to bundle payments pilots. Visit: