Paul Mampilly and The Total Wealth Symposium 2018

The Total Wealth Symposium is fast approaching again in September of this year. Among it’s keynote speakers is finance and investing expert Paul Mampilly. Paul graduated from Fordham University in 1991 and started working as an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. Since then, he has worked for numerous legal firms and has continued to master the craft of investing for the last 27 years. The rest of the speakers include experts Jeff Yastine, Ted Bauman, Ian King, and Matt Badiali, just to name a few. The event seems to be a huge success with investors, with last year’s attendees claiming profits of over 1600 percent. This year, Paul Mampilly and his team of experts have set the lofty goal of helping every attendee earn $1 million profit by the end of next year. Read more about Paul on

The Symposium appears to cover many diverse investing and finance topics such as stocks, precious metals, cybersecurity, and cryptocurrency. Paul Mampilly will be sharing his expertise in the area of stocks and which ones he feels will be best to invest in. Also included at the Symposium, attendees will be treated to the knowledge of how to achieve 1,000 percent returns in the technology sector alone. One of the new topics of this year’s Symposium is what Paul and his partners have dubbed the “Quick Start Sessions”. This seems to be a way of breaking down the complexity of options trading into simpler and less confusing terms, so investors can see if they are right for them.

Finally, attendees will get to meet with Paul Mampilly himself and the other distinguished speakers at the event. Things discussed could include investing, finance, the economy, or how to make that million dollars in the next year with investment returns. The Total Wealth Symposium has received rave reviews from many of it’s attendees in years past and looks to satisfy once again this year. The wealth of knowledge and experience that Paul and his partners bring to the table is invaluable to any new or experienced investor, and seems to be worth the price of admission alone.



Bruno Fagali leads creation of integrity programs

     Fagali Advocacy is a Brazillian law firm founded and led by Bruno Fagali. It is one of the best law firms for client representation. The firm has a staff that clearly understands the law and is dedicated to serving their clients in the best way possible. They are professional in their work and ensure only the right information is disseminated to the client. Most of its clients are people and organizations in need of corporate law assistance. The firm, led by its founder Bruno has been at the forefront in advocating for integrity and compliance in the business sector.

With corruption being a huge problem in the country, Bruno is committed to assisting business organization stick to the law in implementation of their business activities. Fagali Advocacy was recently involved in a new project that involved creating a Corporate Integrity Program. This program is meant to establish a culture of integrity in the business sector. The program was reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Transparency Supervision Control Council.

The Corporate integrity program has strict regulations and guidelines which will dictate how business deals will be conducted especially between governmental and private organizations. Most corruption has been one occurring between government and private organizations. The program also incorporates guidelines to reduce the risk posed by corruption. There are detection and problem-solving techniques which will see corporates deal with cases of corruption effectively.

Once the program was approved, it was rolled out in numerous organizations including Fagali Advocacy. Bruno Fagali played a critical role in the development of the guidelines and therefore believes in every bit of it. The program is available on the law firm’s official website, and all employees were required to read and understand it in addition to undergoing training on the same. There is online training which anyone can undertake.

Bruno was picked to lead this project due to the good reputation he has in the law firm. His experience in the legal industry also put him as a favorite to implement such a vital program. The law firm has been incorporated in other programs which are also about eradicating corruption in the country. Integrity is a virtue that Bruno holds and tries as much as possible to influence others to embrace it.

Step Into Spring With These Trends from Lime Crime

It’s 2018 and this spring is all about color and convenience. Incorporating color can always be a challenge, but Lime Crime has made it easy for everyone to take part in the new spring trends in ways that are fit to suit even the most introverted of makeup lovers. This company has been a popular number one resource for on-trend, cruelty-free makeup that caters to everyone. This season, they’ve found ways to make glamour a little easier for the low maintenance beauties as well as the extroverted ones.

1. One palette that says it all

This spring is all about weekend getaways and spontaneous nights out with friends and loved ones. We have to come prepared. Who has time to be lugging around heaps full of makeup palettes? Switching between different bags just to achieve simple looks can be too much of a hassle and could potentially be a huge buzzkill. Lime Crime has made it easy to pack light by carrying tons of palettes fit for everyday use with the versatility to take you through the fun day to night activities that comes with beautiful weather. The Venus, Venus 2 and Venus XL palette are all great additions to the makeup bag of a trendsetter on the move.

2.Don’t shy away from the glitter.

The glitter trend has been going strong especially as festival season approaches. Just a touch of glitter on the high points of the face goes a long way. Lime Crime has over 20 glitter options for all areas of the face including lips. The new Venus 3 palette holds 2 shimmery colors that can work as toppers for any color of your choice adding glow and highlight to the simplest of looks.

3.Long lasting lipstick to get you through the day

We would all love to ditch the feeling of wondering if it’s time to reapply our lipstick again, and frankly, who has time for it? Making sure you keep an on-trend long-wearing lipstick in your bag, like Blackberry Plushies, can help you make time for the things that really matter this season.

Ian King of Banyan Hill Publishing

Ian king banyan is a former hedge fund manager. He was also a trader. He has over twenty years experience in analyzing and trading the financial markets. Ian King has crypto-insights that are found in Investopedia, zero edges, seeking alpha and fox business news.

He has the role of senior analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing. He developed his first crypto investing multimedia product for Investopedia academy. Ian boasts a degree in Psychology that he received from Lafayette College.

King began as a desk clerk in Salomon brothers mortgage lender in the trading department. Later, he joined Citigroup as a credit derivative. He spent one decade in Citigroup in trading option. He was the head trader in Peahi capital. Peahi capital is a New- York-based hedge fund. In Peahi Ian King’s team managed to achieve a return of 339% within the year of 2008. Learn more about Ian King at Crunchbase.

In 2007 Ian King joined Banyan Hill Publishing. He acceded to provide his analysis of the booming cryptocurrency market to the site readers. He served as the editor of Banyan Hill’s crypto profit trader service. Ian King contributes weekly to Banyan Hill’s sovereign investor daily where readers are kept up to date on the latest developments in crypto.

In crypto profit trader, Ian King is a cryptocurrency trader who seeks to pinpoint winning crypto trends using a trading strategy that contains three parts. He also provides tips on how to enter in a new paced market. Ian also offers valuable techniques on how to store and secure digital coins safely.

Banyan Hill Publishing is a publisher of independent investment advice. It has over 400,000 daily readers. The readers rely on the site’s panel of experts who help them to identify investment opportunities that are promising. The website focuses on investments such as natural resources and commodities, mid cap and small cap stocks, income-producing investments, intensely evaluated United States companies and option play.

Banyan Hill Publishing was founded as the sovereign society in 1998. It was known as leading global asset investment and protection organization. This was based on personal sovereignty and values of self-reliance.

The site was rebranded as Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016. This was made to focus on offering advice from the company’s network of global experts in asset protection, entrepreneurship and investing.

The site was named after a tree by the name banyan which is the largest tree when canopy size is compared. Banyan Hill Publishing offers a better opportunity for protecting and growing your health. Read more:


Prof. Sujit Choudhry on Ailing Democracies

When dealing with politics and constitutional law then one name comes to mind, Prof. Sujit Choudhry. His involvement with the constitution-making processes in many countries like; Yemen, South Africa and Egypt among others combined with public talks across the globe make him an icon in the matters,

Currently, Prof. Sujit Choudhry is the Director at Centre of Constitution Transitions. The center is involved with the search and creating of networks with constitutional experts across the world to help in drafting constitutions for the countries working to build their charters. To date, the center has worked with over 20 countries in this (

A Focus on a Tweet in a Chapter of a Book

Prof. Sujit Choudhry takes time to break down the current state of constitutional democracy all around the world in a chapter of a book to be released soon. Through his lenses, Prof Choudhry lays out the reasons he feels democracies are failing. One of this reasons is the fact that constitutional violations even when reported to a court of law, is not guaranteed that they will be labeled as violations at the court of law.

Besides, as in the United States that allows a president to be in office for a maximum of two four year term, there are term limits by most constitutional democracies. It’s not an ultimate surety that the presidents will leave office after the terms expire. Especially in the not so mature democracies in which the president may set states of emergencies, change constitutions and just seizing power without legitimacy.

In the book Constitutional Democracies in Crisis? A chapter that will include his views in a section will also detail how a concept of ‘Democracy Backsliding’ is part of the reason why democracies are ailing. Democracy backsliding is when figures in authority will try to change laws to fit them in their bid to do things that are unconstitutional. He gives detailed examples of countries around the world where democracies are in crisis.

The threat of ailing Democracies not only affects growing democracies. According to Prof. Choudhry, the problem cuts across and to an extent affects the so-called developed democracies. He also gives his view on why he thinks strengthening the courts to call the wrongs by their names is the chance democracies have at restoration.

Connect with Sujit, visit Facebook.

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Meet The Successful Businessman Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a renown financial administrator. He bases his career on following strategies and working towards the set goals. He is well known for capacity to lead a company to achieve its goals. He can also formulate new objectives for a firm. In his leadership, Kevin combines teamwork with investments from both the government and private sectors to achieve the stated goals. Kevin works at a company called Newark Economic Development Corporation. He is the Vice president of this company. He also holds the position of a Chief Financial Officer of this firm.

Throughout his career, Kevin has come up with grand master plans that have seen the company achieve its financial goals. Kevin develops his strategies by combining the company’s objectives with technological innovations. He has also improved the way companies relate to their contractors and subcontractors. He did this by enhancing the revenue. These revenue improvements have enabled the company to experience an increase in their profits. Read more about Kevin SeaWright at

Kevin has also enhanced the relationship between employers and employees. He has improved the retention of members of staff. He has also developed the methods and rate of recruitment of employees into companies. He has also enhanced the employee compensation systems. With this in place, Kevin has ensured an increase in the productivity of the company.

Before joining Newark, Kevin worked in the financial sector for over a decade. He has held various executive positions. He has worked as a Budget manager, Deputy Director, Chief of Finance and Deputy Chief Operating Officer among others. While holding these offices, Kevin Seawright created a legacy for himself. He conducted his duties diligently. He also had excellent interactions with the members of staff. He also established fruitful relationships with his clients and employers.

Throughout his career, he has given his best to his work. He is always interested in gaining more knowledge about the origin of the funds that his company receives. He has created an excellent relationship between his company, the city as well as the central government. The holder of a Masters in Business Administrator is an outstanding team player. This is because he has an exemplary relationship with his co-workers. He is also good at organizing a team.

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Matt Badiali- Redistributing Companies Wealth to Investors

Matt Badiali is a learned person with Science bachelor’s degree from Penn State’s University, and in the Florida University of Atlantic, he received his geology masters. His love for education saw him venture into Finance in 2004 where he graduated with PhD from North Carolina University. A friend saw the potential and knowledge Matt had in geology and introduced him to finance hoping he ventures into investment. Matt Badiali took the advice and implemented it becoming excellent investor advice with his followers acknowledging doubling their returns. In 2017 after joining Banyan Hill publishing, he launched the Real Wealth Strategists together with Ted Bauman. Ted Bauman is one of the investor advisors at Banyan Hill. Visit Ted Bauman on Facebook for more updates

Matt Badiali has travelled globally inspecting various mines and also wells in countries like Iraq, Haiti, Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore and Switzerland among others. Matt knowledge and skills of geologists have given him the opportunity to deal with natural resources companies presidents getting various profitable investments ideas.

According to Ted Bauman, Matt Badiali recently started promoting the Freedom Checks with an advertisement of him showing off a check of 114,287 dollars, and it looked exactly like the ones given by the government for a tax refund. According to Matt, the Freedom Check is simple to invest for even an ordinary investor. The freedom checks are Master Limited Partnership offering investors a chance to invest in their company and getting annual returns. They allow any individual to trade with as a limited partner or general partner. For the limited partner the investor gets the chance to own company shares during the first company, and for the public partner, the investor helps in the daily running of the company. View at about Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman says that freedom check will allow the investor to become a partner of companies in America dealing with gas, transportation, oil, storage, processing, and production. The partnership helps the companies to reduce their starting capital by enhancing its cash flow and also distributing various assets to the investors. The above companies’ needs to promise to pay its investors annually using a certain percentage of their profits return. The beauty of investing in freedom checks is you don’t need an individual account, and the investor enjoys income tax exemptions.

Freedom Check main advantage is the ability to increase your Social Security Returns overrunning it by four times. Additionally, they operate in the same manner as stocks, and you can enjoy your distribution check directly at your mail or have it deposited directly to your account.

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The music industry has been taken over by storm with the incredible combination of Alex Paul and Andrew Taggart, also known as, The Chainsmokers. This electronic dance music/pop band’s music consists of singles like, “Roses”, “Don’t Let Me Down’’, and their newest hit “Closer” featuring Hasley. Meeting in New York City, the two DJs have been writing and producing music from day one.

Before the combo met they both were working as DJs and finishing up school in New York. A couple of mutual friends hooked the pair of them together, and from then on was pure magic. Instantly, Alex and Andrew hit it off, bringing talent and vision to the table. The Chainsmokers, from the beginning, have been working day and night together. Pushing themselves, not just for the paycheck, but for the connection they had established with their audience.

At first the Chainsmokers put out a lot of electronic dance music, but as they grew, the band figured out they wanted to expand as artist. Pall states that they both were fans of all types of music and thought they should branch out. So, that’s when music like, “Roses” started to come up. It is extremely imperative to the dynamic duo to constantly be evolving, and to not keep putting out the same type of music over and over.

To continue the Chainsmoker’s evolution of their music, the artists put their own vocals on their newest hit “Closer.’’ Alex Pall explains that singing in their song has brought a much stronger connection with their audience, rather than, just being the guys behind the DJ booth. The song was written about one of the group’s ex girlfriends, and dives into the metal gymnastics of relationships.

Starting out as just a couple of DJs, the Chainsmoker’s journey has been quite an experience. Alex’s and Paul’s tangible connection with their audience, and want to identify themselves as artist, will have this duopoly, making great music for many years to come.

AvaTrade Review Details How They Help Traders Succeed With Forex

AvaTrade has developed a sterling reputation over the years as one of the top online forex brokers. This Dublin, Ireland based company is fully committed to the success of their customers and provides the training tools to back up this overarching goal. Trading foreign currencies can be a lucrative business when key principles are learned. AvaTrade excels in teaching core concepts that drive trading success.

AvaTrade is supported and regulated by the Irish Central Bank and this gives them remarkable transparency. Customers can rest assured that AvaTrade is no fly by night operation just looking to make a quick buck. They offer excellent customer support on a 24/7 basis and multiple ways to connect with them. They are also able to support most major languages in the developed industrial world. They also offer 400:1 leverage which when coupled with sound strategies can be a difference maker.

The software options that AvaTrade offers help set them apart in the industry. The popular MetaTrader 4 is one option that many customers employ in their trading. The AvaTrader option is also a strong choice as its abilities are continually being improved. Mobile trading is available as well and gives traders the chance to access their account at a moment’s notice.

Funding a new account can be accomplished in numerous ways with one option being the popular PayPal which is convenient for many. Another excellent feature that can assist traders is the demo accounts at AvaTrade review. This gives them the chance to learn the platform and practice strategies without putting real money at risk.

Educating their clients happens to be the primary goal of AvaTrade and they have developed outstanding products to accomplish this. They offer comprehensive training on markets that give every trader a real chance of success.

One example of their high-quality educational materials are the video tutorials that customers have access to. These are arranged according to levels of experience and give traders an excellent platform of knowledge and strategies. There are five videos offered that outline top strategies for currency trading and give customers a leg up. MetaTrader 4 tutorials can help traders become proficient with this software and they are in-depth.

CEO and Co-Founder of ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is the CEO and Co-Founder of ATS Digital Services LLC. Recently this company has earned the distinct honor of being the first call center to be “AppEsteem” certified. And it was under the leadership and direction of Robert Deignan that this honor was obtained.


Robert Deignan, of Boca Raton, Fl, graduated High School from St. Thomas Aquinas. Then it was on to Purdue University where he studied Organizational Leadership. The studies at Purdue equipped Deignan for the career path he has followed.


Robert Deignan’s career path to being the CEO of ATS Digital Services, got started in 1998 when he co-founded Fanlink, Inc. After Fanlink, dissolved, Deignan became the Executive Vice President of the software company iS3 Inc. for the next 9 years. In July of 2011 Deignan left to co-found the company known as “ICE”, Inbound call experts, which is know called ATS Digital Services.


ATS Digital Services, under the leadership of Robert Deignan, has provided technical support remotely, or over the phone, for hundreds of thousands of customers. They provide services for homes and small businesses with a goal of resolving technical issues efficiently and reliably.


When evaluating the thirty nine compliance factors to meet the requirements for AppEsteem’s call center certification; Deignan realized that they were all ready pretty close to that goal. So with some dedicated effort the certification was approved and ATS Digital Services proved that they were operating at a very high level when it comes to consumer relations. Software companies, computer security companies, and government regulators can rest assured that ATS Digital Services will treat their callers with the professional values that they deserve. And the well credentialed AppEsteem will go along beside them offering guidance and support when needed.


When Robert Deignan isn’t successfully working with his team at ATS Digital Services, you may find him out on the open waters. As salt water fishing is a passion to which Deignan is dedicated. Even fishing competitively in tournaments and with success.