Gareth Henry & The Key To Productivity

Gareth Henry has been on top of the investment world for a few decades now and has extensive experience on both sides of the Atlantic. He was the Director of Strategic Solutions for Schroders and serves as the Global Head of Investor Relations for a variety of large investment funds. His most notable positions are as Head of International Investor Relations, and Global Head of Investor Relations with Fortress Investment Group. On top of that, Gareth Henry also heads Fortress’ subsidiary New Fortress Energy.

Mr. Henry fell in love with maths at a young age and this love never went away; he ended up studying Actuarial Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh and then became intrigued by economics and risk management. These two aspects ended up being linked to his skills as a mathematician and he got into the world of investment; he ended up gravitating towards investor relations and raising capital. This was because of his ability to talk to clients in a meaningful way, which he says not every mathematician can do.

This ability to talk is a part of what Gareth Henry sees as the key to productivity. As Mr. Henry puts it, he’s constantly talking to people on the phone or in person. Mr. Henry has said that he can’t completely serve his clients effectively unless he has a complete understanding of their needs. Because of that, Gareth Henry has said that he can have anywhere between 500 and 1,000 meetings a year; this can go significantly higher with the likes of trade shows.

From 7am onwards, Mr. Henry is constantly communicating with people; in the morning it’s people in Europe and Asia before moving on to more local matters and finishing up by focusing on New York. He also makes a point of contacting clients in the Middle East on a Sunday to catch up. On top of this Gareth Henry says that he tries to meet up with clients and industry experts at dinners or events on at least a weekly basis. In Mr. Henry’s words, if you’re passionate about what you do then you should have no problem dedicating as much time as possible to it. An Overview of Private Credit with Gareth Henry

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