David McDonald Talks about OSI Group’s Success in China

OSI Group, one of the largest meat producers in the world, has been successful in making China one of its global market places. The company has been in the country for more than 25 years, celebrating its 20th-year milestone last 2012. Together with China’s economy, OSI Group has grown as one of the most recognized meat processors in the country.

One of the biggest projects of OSI China was to supply the provisions that are needed for the guests when China hosted the Olympic games in Beijing last 2008. It had to deliver 113 tons of beef, chicken, pork, eggs, and dehydrated onion in which it successfully delivered without problems and complaints. This was good news which cemented the trust of the Beijing Olympic Committee to David McDonald and the OSI China. The firm has been supplying international brands such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, Papa John’s an Burger King.

President and COO of OSI Group David McDonald have been handling the operations of the company and OSI China for years. He finished his bachelor’s degree at Iowa State University with Animal Science and has working experiences in Marfrig Global Foods prior to OSI leadership. In one of his interviews, he answered how OSI China became a success story after its first entry in the country in 1992.

According to McDonald, one of the catalysts of OSI China’s success is because it understands the importance of becoming a local brand. The firm understands that it needs to bring solutions for its local customers. Building a long term partnership is important for this to happen.

David McDonald also emphasized that although flexibility in operations is important, it is also important to stay true to your principles and never compromise quality services. One of the best ways to understand the local market is to always listen first, understand the business culture, and deliver a solution for the local market. Time and patience are great investments for making relationship an building trust.

In over 20 years of operating in China, one of the biggest challenges for McDonald and the firm is to stay patient in understanding the business culture. This step takes a great deal of time, personal time even, for him and his teams. However, being in the country is necessary in order to achieve the goals of OSI China and the whole firm.