You can’t Have Hamburger without the Meat!

Being a business owner isn’t easy. Many people begin at rock-bottom clawing themselves to the top. The thought of being mainstream and one having the ability to say “I finally made it,” may feel like nothing more than a dream. This is a tale of two companies that put their faith in each other before a huge number of people would know their names. The OSI Group McDonalds didn’t need to see each other as a big well-known name. All it took was for them to understand the potential that each one of them held, and in return, a partnership was born.

Before OSI

A German immigrant moved to Chicago Illinois in the beginning part of the nineteenth century. Otto Kolschowsky saw an opportunity in a well-developing market within the location. Mr. Kolschowsky established a meat marketing and butchering company on the city’s West Side. Nearly Ten Years after opening, the business became popular enough to make profit outside of regular customers. The company started servicing other businesses as clients. Approximately twenty years after the start of his business venture, the company went through a transformation and was renamed Otto & Sons.

Food Chain in the making

Ray Kroc was a franchise agent for owners of a restaurant in the state of California. Their names were Maurice and Richard McDonald. He brought the right to use their last name and gave an upgrade to a system they utilized for their business. Ray Kroc’s idea set a pathway for one of the most popular fast food chains today. He started the initial McDonald’s restaurants in Illinois during the mid-1950s.

Got Meat?

During the stage when McDonald’s was still nothing more than an idea, Mr. Kolschowsky’s two sons had made a deal with Mr. Kroc to be the beginning source for his ground beef products. Following their agreement, OSI Group McDonalds began. Once McDonald’s was developed and began to grow throughout various locations, the Otto and Sons Company grew with it making them their first business priority.

Playing in the Big League

Otto and Sons now known as OSI Group, became a worldwide business organization twenty years after their collaboration with McDonald’s. Kroc’s expectations for the products being distributed to his customers needed to constantly deliver the same results. He was looking for inexpensive products that had the ability to travel to far off locations and still be fresh. Otto and Sons among others were entrusted with such tasks. A substance in the form of liquid nitrogen was created in the sixties. Liquid nitrogen had given food the ability to be frozen quickly and withstand lengthy travels. This allowed the assignments Mr. Kroc deeply desired to be carried out. With such invention and an already long-term partnership, members of the OSI Group McDonalds grew into more than simple business associates. They became friends.

How May I Help You?

Because of OSI Group McDonalds flourishing relationship, Otto & Sons became one of McDonald’s top main food providers. They developed a manufacturing facility dedicated only to freezing McDonald’s ground beef patties by the liquid nitrogen process. By the seventies, the Otto and sons company was enlarging and exceeding both on a local and regional level.

It’s Been a Long Run

The company’s name changed from Otto & Sons to OSI in the mid-1970’s. It has been over seventy years since the company begin as a small one-side of town business. Otto and Sons had reached the point where it was operating worldwide. The sons Arthur and Harry were getting older and out of the business, so they brought aboard an associate name Sheldon Lavin to help run it. The OSI Group McDonalds continued to thrive growing beyond America’s boundaries, for they produced their products within a variety of countries.

From the early stage of business on down to their successful breakthroughs, OSI Group and McDonald’s have built a long-lasting bond that extended across the course of time. It’s not often people have real individuals from their past that they can say was a backbone since the beginning, but it is safe to say that these two defied the odds.

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